Stones and other missiles and something that rhymes

Westminster Dwellings

Stress and deadlines
Writers block
My blood pressure too high

There’s only one thing saving me …

– Oh come on, “saving me” don’t overdo it, it’s pukey.

-Hey! I ‘m in the middle of a poem!
-Poem, you’re kidding me, just because it rhymes doesn’t make it a poem
-Right, well, I’m in the middle of something that rhymes then
-Well maybe I want to finish it, without you interfering.
-How much more have you got?
-2 lines only
-A bit weird to throw those lines in now don’t you think? People have forgotten the first part already anyway.
-Well …
-And apart from that, they don’t really care.
-No, maybe not. But I don’t really care that they don’t really care.
-OK, go on then, embarrass yourself get it over with.
-Right here we go:

The Christmas time

-Oh god, how pathetic, a Christmas rhyme. I hate Christmas.
-How can you ever save a poem/rhyme like this.
-Just watch me.
-Yeah, whatever.

The Christmas time
is Nighy

-Wow what?
-I like that ending.
-I knew you would. Pay the Bill, we are going.

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