Love Song – New Ambassadors theatre – review

Love Song
Love Song with Cillian Murphy,Neve Campbell, Kristen Johnston, Michael McKean

When is a play good?
In my world? When it still hurts when I leave the theatre.
This was a good play.

It was the poster that somehow woke my attention to see this (never underestimate a good poster). And as an extra bonus it had Cillian Murphy in it. And Cillian is in my top 3 of people with the most beautiful blue eyes on earth. No seriously, he is a great actor. You might have seen him in Batman Begins, he played a main role in Golden Palm winner The Wind That Shakes The Barley (Ken Loach) and I particulary discovered him in indie film Breakfast on Pluto in which he was a delight. He was extraordinary in Love Song too.

Apart from him, the play starred Neve (I know what you did last summer) Campbell, who was OK, but not that convincing for me.

I admit that it took me some time to get used to the American accents of the cast (even Cillian Murphy talked American). But when I got over that the play turned out to be an original and intense affair. I wonder why they call it a Romantic Comedy though, there were certainly funny moments in it but I would rather call it a Drama than a Comedy.

I loved the soundtrack. I loved how the main character suddenly felt that Love Songs were for him too. And when his love in the end tells him to try to “taste a little bit of life” I was sold. I had no problems imagining the world he had created for him self. What a fantastic performance, and what a good play. Absolutely recommended.

With my extraordinary talent for timing, I somehow managed to schedule 2 plays 2 days after each other. So tomorrow it is Love & Money in the Young Vic. And looking at both titles, a pattern is emerging. And blimey in about 26 days it’s time for the big theatre finale.

6 thoughts to “Love Song – New Ambassadors theatre – review”

  1. Uh, yeah, it hurt pretty much every time Neve Campbell opened her mouth. Are they paying her by the missed emphasis? But Cillian Murphy, Kristen Johnston, and Michael McKean were good. Three outta four ain’t bad, I guess. Somebody oughtta tell John Kolvenbach not to drop acid before he writes “poetic” love scenes, though.

  2. I disagree with the Neve comments. I thought she was excellent and she made the show for me. All in all, very good show!

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