Stranger than fiction – review (9/10)

Stranger than fiction
And then the Americans : Stranger than Fiction (imdb)

An otherwise average film year certainly is shaping up here in the last 2 months. It seems like they stuffed all the good films in the end of the year.

There is no way you get me into a cinema to watch a film like Talladega Nights. That kind of humour just isn’t me, and I thought Will Ferrell wasn’t really me either. But I admit to be absolutely positively surprised by Will Ferrell’s performance in Stranger than Fiction. What a great actor he is, when not playing a goofy character. He nearly reminded me, dare I say this, of Bill Nighy. His underplaying of the character, his laid back way of acting, his lanky body, he was fantastic.

The story is very original and interesting, it is funny, it is romantic, and it is entertaining until the end. It also has a well playing (as always) Emma Thompson and Dustin Hofman in it.

This might be the Christmas Rom Com you were waiting for, as I can’t see any other ones coming even close to this one this year.

Highly recommended.

2 thoughts to “Stranger than fiction – review (9/10)”

  1. Hi Ingrid!
    How are you doing? ages since I read your blog … anyway, I also saw that movie and thought you were going to point to the nice little pieces of animated stuff superposed to the images but you didn’t!
    I thought they were quite interesting, kind of merging the usual elements which are abused in mtv stuff with a normal movie.
    Or it’s just me which noticed it…
    Anyway, enjoy the festivities :)

  2. No I absolutely noticed that, it was a great idea. I don’t always want to reveal all the surprises in a review. People should discover those themselves.

    And happy holidays to you too :-)

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