CP becomes D

Window Watcher
The Window Watcher

He was old, he was tired, and he didn’t want to come to New York with me. That was the message I got last week, about 3 weeks before departure. Great timing.

– Why not it is going to be fun! It has been long since we last travelled together.
– No, I am too old, I don’t move that fast any more. It’s too cold there, and I don’t really like flying that much any more either. It hurts in my ears.
– Pfff. Great, and what about me then? Should I go all by myself?
– I’m really sorry.
– Hey, hey I got an idea. What – if I upgrade you?
– What do you mean?
– Well, you know, face lift, complete body massage, new head and glasses, new brains? Stronger, bigger, better, faster. You would feel young again. How does that sound? Would you come?
– Ehrm, can you do that?
– Sure!
– Then yes! I would come along!

After some discussion about how he would like to look, and what kind of body he wanted to have (he wanted the Daniel Craig one, I could have known, he knows exactly what I like) I got him upgraded. I picked him up last week, and on Sunday I took him out for a first walk. He looks impressive, big and strong, I have to give him that.

– I feel great, I am much faster now!
– I see that, you’re so fast I have problems catching up. And what are all those buttons for?
– Oh I can do much more than I could before now, you will be pleased. All new things you can do with me.
– Mmm, quite tempting that. I might need a new head myself understanding all that. And do you have trouble seeing in the dark or what?
– I don’t know, it feels a bit different all together. But try my auto mode, that should help you here in the beginning.
– I guess we need to get to know each other again after all this.
– I think I know someone who can help you with that.
– Oh really?
– Yes I already made an appointment, for tonight. I’ll come to work with you, and after that we’ll go exploring London and practise your after dark skills a bit together with her.
– How did you organize that?
– Hey, you know me. She knows a lot about guys like me you know, she has studied them for years. She can help.
– That is great!

It was nice indeed, we walked through London, I learned how to handle D (he no longer wants to be called CP now). We touched him all over and he was pleased. And I have to say, there is quite some potential in D. The KR has also recently moved to London, knows indeed everything about types like D, likes to wander around in the city like I do, and we could share our mutual bank account adventures and NI number interview (remember him, I do!) stories. It was good. And D and I got a lot closer already.

We’re home again now, and we both liked this one a lot.

– So when is it? D asks.
– New York?
– Yes?
– 20 days from now.
– B is good I have heard.
– I know.
– Nervous?
– A bit.
– I nearly can’t wait.
– I nearly can’t eat.
– Steady now.
– Yeah, steady now.

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