The Girl on Tour – Hawaii would be nice

Bill Nighy - Lawrence in The Girl In The Cafe

What is that man doing here you wonder? I think we have looked at Will Ferrell and Daniel Craig long enough now haven’t we. And we are in the middle of a small update on The Girl In The Cafe on tour project, so it is completely legitimate.

Things are going a bit slower here around the Christmas time. One DVD is currently in Holland but those people seem to have gone on holiday, her twin sister has just arrived at soyouthinkican‘s house in the States. To make things a little bit more exotic for the Girl, Hawaii has just been added to the list of planned destinations. She likes that I can tell you. I might jump in the envelope with her when she is going there, I mean, Hawaii! I envy her a bit, she is going places I have never been.

If you want to be added to the list, please read here and join. If you want to know where she is going or has been check here.

Paul in Spain saw the film, loved it, and wrote a wonderful review. A big thank you for that!

The Girl In The Cafe
By Paul

Can one person make a difference in the battle against poverty? Of course not. Well you’re wrong, this movie tries to tell us that we can and that we should at least give it a try.

This Message is encapsulated in a love story between The Girl from the Caf?, Kelly MacDonald and the story-hero, a somehow boring bureaucratic official, expert in Poverty and the 2nd line consultant during the 2005 G8 summit, an excellent play by Love Actually rocker, Bill Nighy. Gina and Lawrence get to know each other, or better said, Gina becomes involved in Lawrence work and more than Lawrence could have imagined.

The love between the characters is somewhat hard to understand and perhaps a bit forced, but during the movie you?ll find this being only a side note. The figures of poverty that Gina got to learn and shares with us hit like a stone brick wall. The set of the movie creates further such an atmosphere that we get deeply touched with the story. And the world. This is different to all other Curtis? movies and we feel it. There is a point in the movie where Lawrence realizes that what he worked for all his live, trying reducing poverty, would always be negotiated down into a compromise. And it is Gina with her ignorance, but with all the world logic (along with our understanding, comprehension and agreement) that actually makes the difference. Will it work this time? Well, as embarrassing as it may become, Lawrence had tried it his way for, gosh, all his life and that really hadn?t worked out, or has it? Lawrence represents us; all of us, as he represents the System and in effect the System is us.

The movie stands very strong; the roles are well played and the story keeps your attention. It is this fabulous Richard Curtis mix of a love story, a drama, the humor touch and the Message. Richard did Love Actually, Four Wedding, Notting Hill and you?ll find The Girl to become part of this listing, yet with an important difference: we can make a difference.

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