The Girl in the Cafe in Australia

Yes, Laurie liked the film too…

The Girl in the Caf? – A review by Laurie Cranston

A quirky film which brings together the idea that a simple concept can sometimes be bogged down in the detail.

The vehicles used to achieve this end are found in the characters of Lawrence a senior civil servant advising the Chancellor of the Exchequer (played by Bill Nighy) and Gina an unemployed girl whom Lawrence meets by accident in a smallcoffee shop (played by Kelly Macdonald ).

The characters are developed well as we come to see the gradual layers built up in the case of Nighy, and the layers removed in the case of Macdonald.

It probably will come as no surprise to learn that the screen play writer (Richard Curtis) has a significant interest in the Make Poverty organization. To this extent perhaps the loose ends at the conclusion of the movie are there because the characters have delivered their intended message and any further information is frivolous.

Nonetheless, a quaint and enjoyable movie which has depth enough to be worth a second viewing when it passes back onto the TV and perhaps even a space in ones own DVD collection at home

A big thank you to Laurie (Australia) for the review. If you want to be added to the list to get the DVD send to you, please read here and join (it’s free). If you want to know where she is going or has been check here, she’ll soon be on her way from Holland to Germany.

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