Random stuff from the head and a pink elephant

He always knew he was different
He always knew he was different

There is a Christmas Fun Fair on Leicester Square at the moment. I like it, it makes the square more alive and I love the lights. I will return with D2 soon to take some pictures. D2, as Davy claimed to have patent on D.

While walking over the fun fair, I got drawn into the Odeon. I saw Casino Royale for the 4th time. The 4th time. That’s a record I can tell you, I have never before seen a film in the cinema 4 times. I still loved it. I even loved the song now. And I was thinking that for all the money I have spent on tickets for this film, I could have invited Daniel Craig for afternoon tea in the Ritz in London in stead.

We (the pirate and me) expect a new lodger to move in with us soon. It is not entirely sure yet, but if things go the way we planned he will arrive shortly. That would be great, as we (the pirate and me) will be in New York around Christmas and this way we (the pirate and me) have someone to look after our place while we (the pirate and me) are gone. Someone who is particularly suited for a task like this. I look very much forward for him to move in.

The christmas cards arrived from the printer yesterday, and they look good. I am not entirely satisfied with the colours (that’s always a problem when you have something printed) but overall they look fine. I will try to write them in the weekend, and send them off to 20 lucky(?) people. And I look forward to stumble over 20 cards when I come home from New York, fighting both a jet-lag, a Bill-lack and an after-holiday-dip.

It’s Secret Santa day today at work. We are eating Dutch taai-taai (typical Sinterklaas time spiced cookies, I brought them too – and the Brits do like those !), we are drinking tea the Milky Way, the kitch Christmas tree is transferring itself to all possible colours (it’s a fiber one) and I look forward to see how they do it. The Brits.

I am nervous. I am restless. I am impatient. I am exited. I can’t concentrate. I am daydreaming. And I am floating in space often lately. Why?
I am leaving for New York in only 12 days.
I will see him on stage in only 14 days.
It’s nearly too much to handle.
Did I write that I am nervous, restless, impatient and exited already?
Oh, I did.
And different is good.

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