Don Juan in Soho, Donmar – review

Rhys Ifans in Notting Hill« Rhys Ifans in his classic Fancy-a-fuck t-shirt in Notting Hill

To be totally prepared for The Vertical Hour, I am doing a small theatre warming up these weeks. I saw Love Song, Love or Money, and today it was time for Don Juan in Soho. Three plays about Love actually, three very different plays in three different theatres. They are all great and recommended, but this last one was definitely the funniest one.

OK, you have all seen Notting Hill of course. If not go rent it (no Bill isn’t even in it), it is a lovely feel good film, an excellent Christmas watch, written by Richard Curtis, with Julia Roberts and Hugh Grant in it. Hugh Grants lovely Welsh flatmate in that film, Spike, was played by Rhys Ifans. (The same Rhys Ifans who played against Daniel Craig in Enduring Love by the way, which has in fact Bill in it. By golly, I need to see that film again, Daniel and Bill in one film! Hello, you are rambling again. Oh, yes, sorry.).

Good, Rhys Ifans steals the show in Don Juan in Soho, a play currently performed in the quite nice Donmar Warehouse theatre, in the middle of, ehrm, Soho. It was great fun to see him “live”, surreal, but nice so to speak. He is fantastic casted as womanizer Don Juan (he basically seduces all women coming near him), in a modern version of this story now set in modern day London. He is very funny, very tall, and has the legs of a rock star. He did speak Oxford English this time, as he was supposed to be an earl, a bit of a shame because I loved his wicked Welsh accent in Notting Hill. But Rhys Ifans alone is worth the price of a ticket for this play. He plays opposite a very talented young cast, in a play that is modern, fast, funny, interesting, sexy and absolutely recommended.

The Donmar Warehouse is a very nice theatre too, not too big, and if you have a seat in the stalls you have an excellent view on the stage floor. Absolutely worth another visit.

Also in this play :Abdul Salis who played in Love Actually, as the friend of Colin, the guy going to the US to score some girls.

And I got another AHA one for you, now that we are at Love Actually:
The nice looking guy playing opposite Nicole Kidman in the new (pretty pukey) Chanel number 5 commercial is Karl (Laura Linney’s office crush) from Love Actually. I can sleep much better now that I finally know where I had seen him before.

There are no more theatre plays scheduled before The Vertical Hour, I guess I am ready for the Big Bang now. But I have to say that I am starting to like the theatre more and more. And London is a good place to be if you do. London is a good place to be generally speaking, and I feel privileged to live here.

12 days …

And I lied. I am going to watch Amy’s View next Friday I’ve just decided. I might as well see a David Hare play before I see The David Hare play in New York.

And since people don’t seem to be interested in going to the theatre either here in the Christmas present stress, tickets are cheap. Temptingly cheap, so I was weak.

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  1. Oh good glad you confirmed it was “Karl” because when I saw the ad I was sure it was him. Bit more handsome than my “usual” men but rather tasty!

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