It’s all about those small things in life

Dogs on a string

When I am tired of my job, or get an assignment that bores the hell out of me I always shout that I should have become a garbage man in stead.

This morning I met one. I saw him from far, he was running as his mate in the garbage van was pretty far ahead of him. So I was already smiling about this scenario because it looked funny. I was walking on the pavement in Croydon and he was coming nearer in full speed. He was going to pass me, but before he did, he threw a smile at me and while passing me he shouted “Good morning!”. Of course I turned around and shouted something nice back to him. The garbage man smile on my face lasted the rest of the day.

Life is so easy sometimes.

In the evening I had to pick up my new specs, I knew the optician was going to close at 7pm, and I stepped out of my train at Victoria at 6.52pm. In other words I had to hurry. I wrestled myself through the hundreds of people waiting on the station, not moving one bit to let people coming out of the train through. I wrestled, wrestled, wrestled, and ran, ran, ran, and stood in front of the shop at 6.58pm. Pretty impressive I thought. But the shop was empty, I saw the keys on the inside of the door which was already locked, and I looked at the man inside as telling him “Well bad luck I guess”. I was ready to turn around, but no he was a nice person, and opened the door for me. He said that around Christmas people were not particularly interested in buying new glasses or contact lenses, so he decided to close early. I apologized for disturbing his early closure, he didn’t mind he said, and we lived happily ever after. Oh, no we didn’t. He gave me my specs, I thanked him for the 5th time.

Nice people make life so much better.

Today we found out that the old lady we thought had died on Monday, is still very much alive. She is in the hospital with head injuries, but they are not life threatening. We were amazed about how on earth the ambulance could have been waiting that long with her in it before driving off, and also why they completely covered her. But hey, she is still alive and I just felt her opening a lid in my head and wander out. Into the free. Bless her.

I love happy endings.

6 thoughts to “It’s all about those small things in life”

  1. Hey’s been a while but I just saw Julianne Moore (sp?) on the View..she’s in “the” play! Are you still planning to go? You know the one! I’d love to go for my 44th birthday (22 @ heart). Maybe you went already and I missed the entry. Details please! : ) hugs from the middle USA.

  2. Yes – 9 days from now I’m off to New York,and 11 days from now I am in the Music Box theatre being intimidated by Bill’s extraordinary acting talent. :)

  3. Reading what you write is also one of those things that make life so easy sometimes, you know? And this post is indeed one of “those” – thanks :)

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