A visit

Slarti lands in the middle of London

“Now do me a favour” I said to him “and try to land a place where it is a bit quiet. We don’t want too much attention”.

A few minutes later he called me.
“I’m here!”
“Where are you?”
“Oh, I just check, it’s a place called Leicester Square”.
“Right, you call that quiet? That’s in the heart of London!”
“Well people won’t notice me. ”
“What? That’s a major space ship you landed there!”
“It’s invisible!”
“I can see it!”
“Only you can see it, don’t worry”.
“My camera can see it too …”
“Yeah, I added some extra features to D(2) while they were upgrading it”.
“Oh wow, I don’t know what to say. I, erhm, I missed you”.

I love my D(2) we understand each other better for every day we’re together, I love spaceships, and I always love it when he comes over for a visit.

(Here is a slightly larger version of this picture)

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