I feel it in my fingers …

It's mine and mine alone
It’s mine and mine alone …

If you don’t care to read about my upcoming trip to New York, then farewell my friend, try again somewhere next year. It is the only thing I can think, dream and probably also write about.

And I was thinking: there are going to be a lot of first timers coming along on this trip, which makes it all more special, exiting, but also a little scary. I do still sleep at night though.

It’s the first time I’ll fly from Heathrow. I’ll fly at 4.35pm on Christmas Day, a human time, and also lots of time to be “on time”.

It’s a first time with American Airlines, or any American airline for that matter. I have considered flying with Virgin, as it might be less of a terror target, but have decided not to let thoughts like that rule my head. Virgin also had some very nonhuman departure and arrival times. So AA it is going to be. I don’t really like flying, and this is only my second flight over 4 hours, so it is going to be challenging for my nerves. I need to bring music to take my mind off things (Billy Mack) and a notebook(a paper one) to the plane.

It is going to be my first time in the US. It took a long time before the right reason to visit it popped up. The time is now. The time is nigh(y). And the dollar is low.

Accordingly it’s going to be my first time in New York. I am quite certain it is not going to be my last time though.

A first time for D(2) (my new camera) to accompany me, I look forward to that.

A first time I am on a holiday this long on my own. I was supposed to meetup with a friend 2 of the days, but life made other plans. Checking the guide book however does insure me that chances of getting bored are zero, but I feel like a little girl going to this huge city, and London suddenly feels small. I like to think I’ll be fine, if you can move to London the way I did you certainly can find your way around in New York. And – l will be reunited with Davy there.

First time I am this nervous and exited before a trip. A tiny part of this is to blame on the previous list, the biggest part of it comes from the next one:

A first time to watch King Bill on stage. Definitely not the last time I can assure you.

There is only 1 thing left on my list of things to buy : a camera bag. And it’s not that I am that picky about it, I just want a camera bag with space for a (paper) notebook, and one that doesn’t look like a boring camera bag. How difficult can that be? Difficult, as I still haven’t found one. Any tips very welcome.

7 days to departure, 9 days to the play.
I feel it in my fingers …

7 thoughts to “I feel it in my fingers …”

  1. The long flight is (at least to me) horrible, but NYC is worth it. Whatever you do, go up the Empire State Building. A view you won’t want to miss. Oh, and Ellis Island is worth it too, both for photography and for the history of the place. And… And… Well, a lot more. Great walking city. Be sure to take a bus to experience the terrible state of the streets. Also try to cross Brooklyn bridge on foot, but be careful about photography around things like bridges, tends to spark paranoia.
    Can’t wait for your stories and pictures, have fun!

  2. As someone who thinks twice about taking the 40 mile trip into London I have to admire your courage! Wow American theatre tickets are even more expensive than ours!!
    I hope the play comes to London as my husband has just given me ?240 of theatre vouchers for Christmas!:))

  3. Well I have to admit that I am a tad nervous about this trip, but it will probably be fine all together. And yes theatre is bloody expensive in NY too. A bit lucky that the dollar is low at this moment, but still.
    I am quite sure the play will come to London, the question is if Bill is going to be in it over here. And Julianne Moore for that matter.

    What a brilliant xmas gift by the way!

    @Edwinek – thank you!

  4. Yeah I like the Crumpler bags too, but they don’t have that much space for a notebook either! All those manufacturers think that people only want to take their camera with them, nothing more. I feel the urge to make notes when I’m exploring things.

  5. There is a Crumpler customisation store in NY, maybe they can help you out… Have fun in New York, it really is a great city!

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