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Today the girl learned something about London. Just in time …

You live in London right?
Big city.
Huge city!
So how do you plan to get to Heathrow on Monday?
Oh, easy, tube! Piccadilly Line has a direct connection to Heathrow airport, so smart this tube!
Yes, but it’s Christmas day on Monday.
I know, what’s your point?
No tubes on the 25th.
Ha, ha, this is London we are talking about. You don’t really think I am going to believe that.

You better do. No tubes on Monday.
Rrright. Well, I guess it should be possible to jump on a double decker then, a bit slower but still …
No buses either on Monday.
Basically – there is no public transport on Monday – at all.
What? No public transport at all in London on Monday? In this huge city that never sleeps?
Fuck. That is a problem.
That is either going to be a very expensive (’cause quite a distance – and double price cause it’s the 25th) taxi ride, or a ?25 ride with Oxford tube, which is a bus, despite the name, and which has very limited Victoria-Heathrow connections on Monday. I am really very thankful that I read the newspaper today, because I would have blindly ended in front of a closed tube station on Monday. I can’t believe they close all public transport down in a city like this, they surely didn’t do that in Aarhus, which is a spot compared to London. Next year, I’ll leave on the 24th.

Another major worry : the fog.

It is finally getting colder in London, and as a result we now have “the fog“. As a result of that Heathrow has been cancelling all domestic flights today, yesterday, and will continue to do so tomorrow, and also loads of international flights are either cancelled or majorly delayed.
Please, please don’t do that to me. Let me keep the “cloudy” forecast for Monday.

I’ve found out I am flying (if that is going to happen at all) in a Boeing 777, and my seat on my way to NY is 34A. And according to the website, they have seatback video with twelve channels of programming and movies. And there is even a power plug for my laptop. If I take my laptop with me, I’m going to take both Billy Mack and Lawrence with me and watch them while flying (will probably do miracles for my slight fear of flying) , and you won’t even notice I am on the plane.
I know you are all dying to read all this kind of important information.

8 thoughts to “It’s everywhere I go”

  1. … and I guess no Lodonder frequenting this weblog owns a car to offer you a free ride to Heathrow as a Christmas present. Or maybe he does own a car but will have left town in order to spend the holidays at the picturesque family cottage in the countryside. However, I am sure neither ‘no tubes’ nor fog can keep you from arriving in NY in time for the theatre play. Godspeed!

  2. Oh my goodness! Little typo devil must have gotten the best of me. Could you please delete the first or second ‘o’ in the last word of my recent comment?! Thanks!

  3. Done, and while we are at it, Lodonder, I guess you might mean Londoner? Unless Lodon is a part of Brittain I am not familiar with, which is very likely :)

  4. I don’t know Lodon either, so maybe it just doesn’t exist. Please feel free to add and remove letters wherever you deem appropriate. It seems like I am in a kind of pre-Christmas stress, going hand in hand with negligence. (And I hope this has all been spelled correctly…) By the way: Any offers for a ride to the airport so far?

  5. Nope, but I have found a friendly New Yorker, which is maybe even better.

    I won’t spell check on comments, I am having far too much trouble spelling reasonably decent myself :-) Maybe that is because I am in a pre-Christmas stress as well, add to that the Heathrow-fogg-threat and you got the idea.

  6. NO tube? What? Actually, WHAT?

    I flew out of Heathrow… three days ago (brain. struggling) and it was a nightmare. A NIGHTMARE. But we got out of their eventually – despite the insane ques, and the other insane ques, and more of the insane ques. And the fog, which delayed our international flight by three hours.

    And then the baggage handlers WHO REFUSED TO WORK.

    It was great :D

  7. The weather seems to clear up a bit on Monday, so I cross my fingers. As long as I get there, once I am in New York, New York might snow under and have me stuck there for months, I wouldn’t mind. :)

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