Come on and let it snow

The Girl On The Map

After nearly a year with this project, I decided to put the girl on the map. This is just a screenshot, for a zoomable and scrollable map go to the Where is the girl now page.

Not in my wildest dreams could I have dreamed of such a large geographical area being covered by this DVD. It’s one of my best Christmas presents. And people are still signing up, the last location being Lancaster in the UK. You’re very welcome to join if you like.

Thanks to all of you who are participating.

The fog seems to clear up on Monday, according to the BBC. That’s another great Christmas present. The third one is already in New York.

4 thoughts to “Come on and let it snow”

  1. Paul, this is really not funny! It seems to slowly getting better on Heathrow. 2 of my colleagues are flying out from there tomorrow. I hope that all the people waiting there can reach there destinations before Christmas, as it must be horrible to sit on an airport that long.

  2. Hey, I put my village on the map! :-)
    Oh..and thanks for the great christmascard! I really hope you can fly on monday. Enjoy your trip!

  3. Please, please mr. postman, – Christmascard ? Greetings from ?rhus, – I think we’ve got “your” London-fog……

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