You know I love Christmas I always will

Amy's View in  the Garrick

Well let’s not overdo it, but this year it’s really not bad. I am ecstatic, which has not that much to do with presents and Christmas trees but more with the fact that it is now only 2 days before departure and 4 days before Bill. And there was this other David Hare play …

As a theatre play cannot use special effects, a lot of different sceneries and a lot of movement, it has to compensate for that with brilliant actors and a good script. Amy’s View had a brilliant actress : Felicity Kendal. And the fact that David Hare wrote the play, and I really enjoyed it makes me even more eager to see The Vertical Hour.

I bought the brand new screenplay of Notes on a Scandal today, the upcoming film with Bill Nighy, Cate Blanchett and Judi Dench, that has a lot of Oscar buzz going on, especially for Judi Dench. The script is written by Patrick Marber (writer of Closer, and funny enough also of Don Juan in Soho). The film won’t be out in the UK until February, but will start running in New York next week. I have been looking forward to it since I read the book and knew Bill was going to be in it. Highly anticipated doesn’t cover it.

The weather is changing, the fog is disappearing, also from my head and life on Heathrow is supposed to be back to normal from tomorrow. And while the weather in London is dark and cloudy, I can’t believe my luck but the weather in New York looks like it is going to be very sunny. Very perfect for pictures, and for feeling the sun on your face in Central Park.

I found a camera bag, the first Girls cards have arrived and life right now is pretty, ehrm, billicious.

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  1. Yesterday afternoon there was this unfamiliar giggling coming out of my letter box. So I went for the key – and there she was, struggling herself free from the envelope in no time! I wonder how she managed to travel so fast, if you consider the fog and all… (Any supernatural means of travel involved here? Well, she didn’t tell.) However, the girl’s here now and has been welcomed with open arms. (We have to get used to the constant giggling, though.) Thank you very much for sending her. Merry Christmas to you, Ingrid – and HAVE A WONDERFUL TIME IN NY!!!

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