My mind’s made up The way that I feel

Merry Christmas!

“Ingrid …”
“Davy …., wow, how is New York? I look so much forward to see you again.”
“New York is fantastic, you are going to love it, trust me. And I had a great sailing trip, I’ll tell you all about it when you get here.”
“I can’t wait… I …”
“But as your editor …”
“Ehrm yes ?”
“I know you don’t really do Christmas, but for your readers …”
“You need to wish them a Merry Christmas.”

“Oh. Yes. Well, I guess you are right. Of course you are, you always are.”
“And I checked out the Music Box Theatre for you, I can bring you there on Wednesday, so you don’t need to stress about finding it.”
“How does it look, is it cool? Did you happen see…him?”
“He slipped into the theatre while I was there, he smiled. There are posters of him all over the place.”
“Blimey, I …”
“Put up that Christmas message, you have quite a lot of things to do today, go packing. And you have to go to The Cafe, you haven’t been there for ages.”
“You are right. Yeah, ehrm, yes I better do that.”
“Have a really safe trip! I’ll pick you up at JFK”
“Thank You. And Davy …”
“I see you tomorrow”.

Me and Mr. Jones, we got a thing going on …

ITV2 had Love Actually yesterday at 0:20am. And even though I have seen it a lot of times, I couldn’t turn the tv off, and didn’t get to bed until 2.20am. Christmas time makes me a sentimental fool, and I cried more than I normally do when watching this film. And I know, this is not a film to cry about at all, which proves the point that I am a fool indeed.
I was thinking though, Love Actually starts at Heathrow airport doesn’t it …?

I better start packing.
Oh, and Merry Christmas everybody! Seriously.

3 thoughts to “My mind’s made up The way that I feel”

  1. Merry Christmas, your journal has been keeping me smiling since I discovered it in September when you saw Snowcake.
    Have a safe and wonderful trip to New York. Give Bill a cheer for me and tell us all about it (as if you wouldn’t!)

  2. Yes, I second that. I’ve only discovered this blog but I’m glad I did. Have lovely time and all the best for 2007. Can’t wait to hear about your date as well!

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