New York, New York

Well I am alive and well, and I am in New York!
It is an overwhelming city, with very very few internet cafe’s, took me until now to find this one, and they are very expensive. So – dear readers, I am afraid that that means that updates here will be more or less postponed until I am back in London.

A few quickies though:
My body seems to want to wake up at 5am in the middle of the night since I am here, shouting “Come on yoohoo let’s stand up” and then my head answers “don’t be ridiculous, it is the middle of the night it is dark, get back to sleep”. I don’t know if that is a reversed jetlag or just the nerves for the play, which is in about 4.5 hours from now. I already checked the route to The Music Box Theatre, so I know where it is. And I am extremely exited to finally watch it.

My hotel had a stack of Vertical Hour flyers in stock, so Bill is all around. Times Square is intimidating, New York cabdrivers have to be the most rude ones in the world, the subway is a bit more of a challenge to find your way in than in London, the Empire State Building is huge (not sure I dare to go in there though, I am afraid of heights and it intimidates me too much), I saw Blood Diamonds which is an incredible film with Leonardo DiCaprio, and I have already nearly written a whole notebook full of ramblings. And I have only been here for a day.

But fear not : New York is a cool city to be, but London is the place for me. Now we just want our Englishman back.

I greet you from the Big Apple.

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  1. Use your jetlag! If the weather is OK, get out there and enjoy the empty city. A very surreal experience. On Easter Sunday 2001 we left the hotel at 6 am and walked down to Battery Park, it was fabulous. Of course it’s probably a bit colder and darker now…

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