Top of the Bi.., ehrm, Rock

I did it. I did it!
I was tired and thought that that would be a good moment. Too tired to be afraid of heights, I thought. Yeah right, who was I kidding.

I picked the Top of the Rock for several reasons. The queue was considerably shorter than the one for the Empire State Building, and from here you have the most marvelous view on the Empire State Building which is beautifully lighted at the moment. I picked the evening because I love the lights, and because I thought it would be less scary in the dark. My brain works in mysterious ways sometimes. Of course it wasn’t.

I bought the ticket and tried not to think about how high I was going to go. The elevator trip to the 67th floor would take exactly, and we could time it said the lady, 42 seconds. 42. seconds. In those 42 seconds I had already changed my mind 42 times, I wanted to go down, right now. But I couldn’t.

The roof of the elevator was transparent, and you could look all the way up because it was lighted up with funky blue lights. It looked like we got shot into space. So cool. If you are not afraid of heights! My legs were jelly already, and the 42 seconds were very long ones. I stepped out of the elevator and have to say that the view was ab-so-lu-te-ly stunning. I took a few minutes to get my legs under control, and tried not to think about how high we were. Wow, wait a minute, was the building moving or was that my imagination?
I took pictures sitting on my knees, as that was the only way I could do it, standing up was too scary. People looked weird at me. Think about that I actually asked them how long you were allowed to stay up here on the top. As long as I liked they said, well after a few pictures I just wanted to get down again. Quickly. I was very happy to feel solid ground again, and feel the fresh air. I was exhausted, the fear ate a lot of my energy but I was proud I had done it, I hope that at least one picture turns out to be not too shaken nor stirred.

It wasn’t a fun thing for me to do, but it is something you don’t want to miss when you are in New York.

While I am here having a holiday, I got 2 more requests for the Girl DVD, she is going to visit 2 new countries : Sweden and Italy, how cool ! I’ll put it on the map when I am home.

And now I have to go, because I need to buy some chocolates. And no, they are not for me.

Not to be annoying, but I could easily get used to attending theatre performances with Bill in it a few times a week. About 3 hours from now is the next one. I bought the script of the play, and will read a bit in it before going, so I am even better prepared. Not that I have problems hearing what he is saying, he speaks very clearly and articulate and in English, it is the American language I am really struggling with, which is probably the thing that surprises me the most being here. I ignorantly thought we were speaking the same language.

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  1. Wauw!!!good for you!! going so high, I`m proud of you, enjoy the last couple of days and have a good flight home ;-)

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