Happy New Year from Nighy York

The Vertical Hour
The city here is crazy at the moment, 42nd Street / Times Square (I had to go back there after the play to get the subway), it is the street with the coolest name, that’s for sure, is at this moment also the most busiest street in New York. Already nearly completely closed down for trafiic for this evenings New Year’s celebrations, I have never seen this much police on the streets in my life. The NY policemen are very nice though, nice and helpful. I understand now why they couldn’t have an evening performance in the Music Box, we would never ever have gotten out of the theatre. There are hundreds of thousands of people on the street, and they were already there when I went to the theatre at 13.30. It is cold outside in New York, so it has been a long wait for them. I hope they enjoy their evening, I think I prefer to watch it on tv in stead.

I fear the after holiday dip a bit. I just saw Bill Nighy giving another extraordinary performance in the Vertical Hour (I will write a decent review about this play soon), so close in front of me. It was the last one, for me, for now (she said rather convincingly), and tomorrow I am heading home. Back to work. Back to a film script class with a script I should have written this week but of course didn’t. Back to “real” life. And back to London. I will miss being on holiday, breakfast served in the morning, exploring new places, meeting new people, not having to go to work, experience magic on several levels – but I know where I am returning to. London is waiting for me, and I love London.

I will write the obligatory sentimental “looking back at 2006” post when I am home, or not, but I think that if I should define my year in 25 words again again, a part of the words from last year are going to be there again. These are good words, I like them to always be in my life.

I think my trick in life is to just keep dreaming. Do some crazy things now and then, walk paths you have never walked before, and follow your heart. Passion is a good thing. And some of those dreams do come true I can tell you.
The other trick is to be sure to always have something on your “To look forward to” list.
Mine looks rather empty for 2007, but I have just heard something buzzing, and if that really is going to happen, my 2007 will be, well, extraordinary wouldn’t even come close.

So, while most of you are sipping champagne (wherever), eating oliebollen (when in Holland) or watching the fireworks on the Eye (when in London) shortly from now, I am going to wish you a Happy New Year (we have to wait a few hours more you know). Excuses for the awfully sentimental post this has become, I guess it’s that time of the year.

Happy New Year from New York.
May some of your dreams come true in 2007.

7 thoughts to “Happy New Year from Nighy York”

  1. Happy New year to you to, with a lot of happyness and health and exploring and do new things, go for it!

  2. Hello in 2007!! :-) Just to let you know that the girls arrived safely on the last 2006 post so they were here giggling for the New Year.

    And, as you know, I subscribe to the “dreams coming true” part, of course ;-) Have a brilliant year!

  3. Nu weet ik het zeker. Mijn hardlooptrainer m?et gewoon wel een broer zijn van Bill Nighy!

  4. I have been recently abandoned by the man I thought loved me…and he watched your play tonight. It is 5 minutes ended as I write, and Bob Dylan’s Simple Twist Of Fate plays on my speakers. You’re the closest I’ll come to him tonight…pitiful as I am, sad as I am, miserable as I am, that horrible, awful man…but I thank you for the look into what he saw tonght.

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