The real world

– Don’t you feel like we have been in some kind of movie this week Davy, you and me?
– Well, yes, but then – I missed the very first part.
– Which?
– The opening scene.
– Oh, Girl leaves London.
– Yes, anything special happening on the plane, who was sitting beside you?
– A very quiet gadget boy.
– “Gadget”?

– Yes he was very well equipped. Oh. Ahah. Technologically speaking. DVD player, iPod and a laptop.
– No talking then.
– Not until our second meal.
– What happened?
– He gave me his snackbox.
– He wasn’t really hungry?
– Either that or I looked hungry and he was just being kind. He was very polite.
– Did you talk to him then?
– Yes, a bit.
– Tell me.
– Young, half my age, he was 20. On his way from Germany to New Jersey which is his home. American. Soldier. Has two weeks holiday with his parents, after that back to Germany for his last training. After that – Iraq.
– Iraq? Are you serious?
– I wish I wasn’t.
– Wow. So young.
– That’s what I thought. Way too young. Makes you think.
– And it does remind me of something.
– Yes?
– The Vertical Hour.
– It’s a weird coincidence isn’t it.
– Yes.
– Only this was for real.
– Yes it makes you think.

4 thoughts to “The real world”

  1. Ah, yes. I couldn’t really sleep. :-)
    I can now, on the middle of the day, and my head feels like it’s not mine.

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