You’re gonna find yourself, somewhere, somehow

Girl put your records on

“What did he write in your book?”
“Not going to tell you.”
“Something nice, it makes you smile I can see it.”
“Not too many people who can do that, I can assure you.”
“Can I?”
“You might, possibly.”
“Are you in a bad mood?”
“Well, my voice sounds like I have been hanging out in a smokey bar all night, which I haven’t and I have a headache, so…”
“Your voice sounds sexy.”
“Thank you.”
“The headache, I …”
“Just …don’t go there.”
“OK, put on your headphones then and press play.”

Too late …

“Good eh? You’re gonna find yourself, somewhere, somehow.”
“That – would be the day.”

2 thoughts to “You’re gonna find yourself, somewhere, somehow”

  1. Nice record for a miserable wet English Saturday afternoon:)
    BTW, you’re a movie fan, have you seen Perfume, the Story of a Murderer yet?
    Check out my journal for a review and Q&A session with Mr Rickman last Wednesday.

  2. It is definitely on my list of to see soon, together with Miss Potter :-)

    I seem to miss all the exiting events with Mr Rickman here in London! I am not complaining though, as on that exact Wednesday, I was in more than excellent company myself :)

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