The Script and The Cafe

A first draft

A voice like Barry White, headache, and pain in muscles, that normally meant a flu is on it’s way. This time was no exception. Some would say that she was lucky that it didn’t come last week, where she was in New York. She heartedly agrees, and is thankful for that.

It would have been so easy to use that as an excuse to not write my film script, which has to be handed in tomorrow. I planned to write it in New York but somehow didn’t get to it, also because I felt my heart wasn’t in the story.

The pirate asks if I perhaps meant that I was too scared to show it to the others. The rat wisely said nothing, but I could tell from the look in his eyes that he understood exactly how I felt.
The fear of exposing yourself, and worse, of making a fool of yourself, one does never really get used to it. But a few lemsips made me feel a bit better for a while, I started typing, and to my big surprise I finished the story. I wrote my very first script outline and it felt good. Now all I need to do in the next few weeks is adding dialogue, which is something I have been practising a lot here lately. Sorry for that.

I had to do one more thing today, I needed to visit my Cafe. The moment I stepped inside I wondered why it had been so long, and decided that I would visit it more often from now on. Even my table was free. I had just bought The Times with a 5 pages feature about Bill Nighy in New York, a joyful read which brought back good memories. The friendly waiter came to my table and said hi.
“We have minestronesoup today” he said.
I didn’t have to say anything, he remembered.
“With bread right? And a coke?”
All I had to do, and did was wishing him a very Happy New Year.
That got me another smile.
It was surely good to be back.

2 thoughts to “The Script and The Cafe”

  1. Yes down and out with flu.

    But that Times article is really great. The Matzo-ball soup issue cracks me up every time I read it. It’s brilliant.

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