When do you admit it?

I step in and I notice that something is different with this bus. The chairs have another colour, and it looks like a newer model. Well they have to spent the excessive amounts of money we pay them to travel around in London on something I thought, they have upgraded the buses on line 88. Well, well.
I continue to read in my book.

Near the Big Ben we take another route than normal. This doesn’t alarm me just yet, this happens once in a while, so I continue to read my book.
We pass Waterloo station, we drive into Lambeth, and I am waiting for the bus to return over whatever bridge to get to the right side of the river. Or at the least the side of the river where I live, and where my bus stop is.
I am still not alarmed. I continue in my book.
We pass the Imperial War museum and drive on. I read a bit more and now I start to get suspicious.
“Excuse me, can you tell me what bus this is?” I hate to ask stupid questions like this, but I have to, and the man behind me looks nice.
“This is the 159” he says.
Ah, that explains it. The route of the 159 bus is quite different from the 88 bus, everybody knows that.
Now why did I get on this bus in the first place? I’d swear it had 88 on it when I stepped into it.

Or not?

Am I now seriously getting crazy? Is the cold turkey messing up my mind?

Should I be worried?

Is there anybody out there?

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