Where do you want me to go

Way out

Standing in the subway, the shuffle came up with John Barry’s James Bond theme on my mp3 player. Funny how all passengers suddenly seem to become part of a film, and how many people actually looked like Russian spies. Or was it my imagination again. Anyway, I hopped off at Bond Street. And I am not making that up.

It was back to school tonight, finally, after a long winter break. My script has grown to a 7 page outline now. It is, of course, a romantic kind of story. And I no longer think it is total crap. It is now crap, which is an improvement. We read each other scripts, commented on them, and we were rather pleased with ourselves. Until the teacher came along that was, and there is nothing else to do than another rewrite. The things that keeps me from total freaking out is the fact that Richard Curtis did 34 rewrites on Love Actually. And no matter what happens with this script, the fact that I have in fact produced anything at all makes me feel, well, quite good actually. (Update: And at 1.34 am in the night I finished version 1.2 of my story (inspiration has the habit of popping up at the most inconvenient hours), which is now 8 pages long. I am knackered, I will be knackered tomorrow because of lack of sleep, but I am truly beginning to love my story. And I feel good about it.).

Apart from that, I have a serious luxury problem. I have about 2 weeks of holiday left, and I need to take those 2 weeks before the 1st of April. So – any areas on the world map you want me to explore? And don’t say New York, because that would just be – ehrm – too tempting.

Let me tell you what I am considering: Moscow (but how dangerous is that travelling on your own), I love travelling by train too, and exploring the UK might be an option too. I am not very picky, but it needs to be doable on your own, and it needs to be pirate friendly. And it should not be too crazy expensive. Last minute is fine. Sun is fine, rain is fine too.

So The Girl In The Cafe has just send a mail to The Man in seat Sixty-One to ask him for some advice. (And do I love websites with funky titles).

3 thoughts to “Where do you want me to go”

  1. Well, that’s easy: Cracow. Great city, lots to see, good food, good beer and very nice people. Don’t forget to see the Wieliczka salt mine. Lots of tips here. And not expensive at all. Then maybe take a flight or train to Prague.
    Between the two of them, they can fill up ten days easily.

  2. I loved the part where you say you are beginning to love your story – creative process rocks :)

    As for travelling, I’d vote for the UK, but I am terribly partial, so don’t listen to me ;) Anyway, how about having one programme for one week and another (totally different!) for another week?

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