Tea Challenge

If you thought Tea wasn’t a big thing here in the UK, think again. If you thought that deciding who should make the next cup isn’t a big thing here at work, think again too. Knowing that asking it the normal (verbal) way only results in an even longer wait for a cup, one of my colleagues began sending us encrypted messages in stead. This normally results in a few minutes puzzling, after which one of us normally ends up making the tea. Very clever idea.

Make some tea!

Here is his latest puzzle. The question is – what does it say exactly? ( I admit that I find them rather difficult)

His name is Michael by the way – as everybody should at least have a chance of claiming his 15 minutes of fame, even when it’s not through a TV interview with Tom Cruise.

4 thoughts to “Tea Challenge”

  1. In our office, if you can get anyone to say “T”, then they’ve offered.

    We also have a tea rota web application that accesses our timesheet system and project planner, calculates workloads and deadlines, looks at previous tea makers, and determines who should make the tea. The only slightly confusing thing is that it always picks Phil.

  2. @Paul – I need to have that “T” rule over in our office too, that would be hilarious.
    We don’t have any application as we don’t trust each other, we are all programmers, and random suddenly isn’t random at all when it comes to randomly pointing out people for things like making tea. I guess Phil agrees. We do have a Tea Crime table though, you get marked up there if you accept Tea from other departments :-)

    @Grigorisgirl – wow you are very very close!

    Someone please pop (from popart) the kettle on.
    I am dying over (“over” seems to be a cricket term, I had no idea) here!
    :-) You would do fine in our office!

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