Eternal ramblings from a messed up mind III

The Girl In The Cafe - DVD

10 people died because of the storm here in the UK yesterday. The train traffic was disrupted in London because of it, but I somehow managed to move around it all. One of the men who died, died in Shropshire. Which made me think about Oliver Lucas in The Vertical Hour again, as he lived in Shropshire as well. A minor spot on the map, and if it hadn’t been for that play I would never ever have known about Shropshire at all. Now I do, I even looked it up on the map when I got home. And suddenly it is weird to hear that someone died of the storm there.

There is no news on the holiday front as of yet. Moscow, Thailand, China or just a week flat on the beach in the Caribbean (guess who’s idea that was) are all still circling around in my brain. I hope soon to make a decision.

I have received most of my cards in return, and it was so much fun to receive that much old fashioned paper post, that I already know for sure that I am going to do the same thing this year. I’ve received all types of cards, Christmas cards, far from Christmas cards, handmade cards, cards with inspirational quotes, it was great, and it made me happy to receive them all. So a big thank you to all of you. I’ll soon post a collage of the cards and will put it up here. Oh, and if you live in Denmark, 2 new The Girl postcards are out on the loose in a cafe near you.

Another pleasurable thing is that I have found 2 regular readers of this blog willing to read my (draft version still but hey) film script. The first reaction made me dance. It is funny to see how much the script has developed from the very first version until now. It now has a complete different ending, lots has changed, but it is more solid and better. I have no idea if it is good enough but my teacher probably will tell me. And even if it never gets made, I have had a lot of fun writing it. And in my head I am already juggling with the pieces of script number two.

Last but not least, and the reason for today’s picture:
Charlotte is the latest participant in The Girl In The Cafe project, she has just posted the DVD in Germany from where it is now on it’s way to Denmark. Read her interesting view on this film here.

You can still get your daily New York fix if you are interested, here.

I am going to see Venus, Sunday morning at 11am in the Ritzy in Brixton (haven’t been there for ages), and hope to see Babel tonight. I look forward to both, equally much.

Enjoy the weekend.

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  1. Babel..I saw that movie a few montha ago. I wonder what you think of it. No time for movies this weekend, I have things to read ;-)

  2. Just went through all your New York photos – stunning!
    I must see Venus, I wonder if I can get my grumpy old husband to go? He never goes to the flix but he is a big O’Toole fan and loves Leslie Philips too (It will all depend if he fancies the girl or not! Men can be so shallow)

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