Sexy boys

If you thought that flying far to watch Bill Nighy was a first time silly action, think again. I flew to an iceberg (in Greenland) to see a concert of a band I (still) like, and have flown to London more than once to see them there too. And beside those 2 funky gentlemen (Nighy and Brandt) I also travelled to Oslo to see Air live.

Hanging travels on events like this is not something I consider to be silly. it is much easier for me to actually take off travelling those places when I know that there is at least one thing I can cling on to when I get there. It does get easier travelling on your own, but it’s still not a piece of cake.

But, I had a short serious crush on AIR (am over it now), and still hugely enjoy Air’s music. It is calming me down in stressful times, and French men singing in English is very sexy indeed and still makes my heart jump a bit.

The 16th of March AIR is playing a gig in London. I got the ticket, and am going to do my very best to plan my holiday around it, as it is quite an impractical date for me. There is a new album coming up (Pocket Sympony), and their new single, Once Upon A Time, is both very recognizably AIR, and with a title like that, it fits perfect in my pathetical life.

I remember when I became a serious AIR fan. AIR’s All I Need is one of the most beautiful songs ever made. And when AIR ended up playing an intimate gig in Aarhus because a major Danish festival, where they were supposed to play, went bankrupt I bought a ticket for this concert because of this one song. After this incredibly cool and cosy concert in Aarhus I bought all their albums (Moon Safari and Talkie Walkie being my favourites) and became seriously infected with AIR.
And still am. Everybody needs to come up for some AIR now and then.

Their new album, Pocket Symphony, comes out on the 6th of March 2007. And it is featuring guest vocals by Neil Hannon. Neil Hannon who sung So Long And Thanks For All The Fish in the Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy film. See – everything in my life is connected to that book.

Here, breath in:

[too late]

It’s All I Need, in times like these.

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