But did you know, That when it snows

Snow in London
View from my morning train …

What a pleasant surprise when I walked out of the door this morning. While I was expecting palm trees to be popping out of the ground soon, London is a bit white in stead. And it’s amazing to watch the differences between a city like Aarhus in Denmark, where they are covering the streets in salt as soon as there is a 0.00042 % chance of snow. And London, that didn’t seem to be prepared for snow at all. Result : the world looks bright. Train traffic is a mess. Buses connecting the train station to my office in Croydon did not run because there was a little bit of snow on the roads. (Do they have snow machines at all in this city?) And half of my colleagues stuck because public transport is a mess all around.

I don’t mind, I love snow. Again I managed to get around the worst of problems, I had a nice walk from the station to the office, I am inside with a cup of tea, the milky way, and I hope lots more snow will fall these days.

My eyes become large and,
The light that you shine can be seen

5 thoughts to “But did you know, That when it snows”

  1. Oh, public transport in the UK only operates between temperatures of 9 and 18 degrees centigrade. Anywhere outside of that range, and it’s anyone’s guess what we’ll manage.

  2. Forgive me for finding that a charming thing about the UK. I find people getting annoyed about public transport always entertaining to watch. I can’t see the point in getting angry about it at all. I mean what is a 10 minute delay on a life time?

    And don’t worry, in Denmark I have had similar issues with public transport in the fall, because leaves somehow interfered with train traffic. Don’t ask me how and why.

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