An inconvenient truth – review (9/10)

by far the most terrifying film you will ever see

An inconvenient truth is a documentary basically just showing Al Gore holding a presentation about global warming, melting icebergs, and the road to guaranteed disaster we are on right now, if we don’t start using our heads fairly quickly.

We have heard it many times before, it’s getting warmer, the weather is changing, etc. A documentary about just that might not sound like the sexiest thing to watch, but it was actually very interesting and far from boring. It was shocking. And if you haven’t seen it yet, you should. If you have children old enough to understand take them with you. It will leave a big impression, I guarantee you that. It was again shocking to see how much ice in fact has been melting in Greenland. When I was there in 2005, local Greenlanders told us about the disappearing ice, and we could clearly see it ourselves already then. It just seems to continue to go the totally wrong way there. This is an important film, go watch it.

Another thing that shocked me (apart from the fact that the USA seemed to be one of the biggest CO2 poluters in the world compared to all other countries) while watching this – and I don’t know anything about politics but – how on earth could the Americans not vote for Al Gore while running against a joker like George Bush? Maybe the fact that I don’t know much about politics is the reason for me not understanding this, but Al Gore definetely seemed to know what he was talking about, and apart from that he seemed like a really good person too.

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by far the most terrifying film you will ever see.

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  1. Yes, maybe it’s the fact that I may be missing the whole point in politics, but the whole Gore vs. Bush mystery certainly baffles me too (have not seen the film yet, but it’s on my list)

  2. How we could have elected Bush is a mystery to many of us Americans as well. I believe Gore actually received more votes but not just in the electoral college, which is where it counts.

  3. Stupid electoral college… stupid outmoded system devised by rich white landowners who wanted to keep the public out of decision making!
    I am constantly amazed at how and why we [Americans] could have had Bush Jr. for a president not just once, but twice? Can people not see what a frightening, scary, grasping man he is? And incredibly moronic, as well? Just-why people? WHY?
    I’ve often thought that if Bush hadn’t weasled his way in, the whole 9/11 thing wouldn’t have happened, the Kyoto Treaty would have been ratified, and the world would be a much better place than it is now.

  4. > “how on earth could the Americans not vote for Al Gore while running against a joker like George Bush?”

    Quite a few of them did vote for Al Gore.

    > “I don?t understand that there is still no eco-tax on flights”

    Well, there is airport tax. I think (I really should be looking this up, but anyways) that air travel is the fastest *growing* source of CO2 emissions (in the UK, leastways), but accounts for something like 4%. Household energy uses accounts for a lot more. If we all got our houses insulated like they could be, switched to low-energy lightbulbs, and used less electronic equipment, we could make a pretty big dent that way.

    I reckon that plus micro-generation is the way to go. A couple of solar panels and a wind turbine, coupled with reduced use, and I reckon you’re looking at a 40-50% reduction.

    Ecology starts at home.

  5. Yes about half of them voted for Al Gore, which is about 50% too much Bush voters.

    Good point Paul, ecology starts at home indeed.

  6. Of course people should also reduce their energy use at home. But that’s still no reason why there isn’t or shouldn’t be eco-tax on flights. ;)

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