Bill Nighy, the Opie way

Bill the opie way is currently residing other places…

And that was all she could come up with after a weekend in silence.
Will it ever stop? Nope. Get used to it.
It took me a couple of hours to work on, but I really like this one. What amazes me about this type of “art” is that it is very minimal (2 circles for the eyes and the nose), but the person is still very recognizable.

Sometimes it is nice just to work on something without having to think about all the questions floating around in ones head.

More Julian Opie (the real one) here. He also made the cover for Blur’s Best of album. I quite like his art. He is a British artist and lives in London.

7 thoughts to “Bill Nighy, the Opie way”

  1. Amazing how well you captured his expression! I’m really impressed! (though I couldn’t draw to save my life, but that’s another matter ;-) )

  2. Thank you. Give me a pen and paper and I am lost, but a computer and photoshop, Yorkshire tea and some good music in my ear works miracles sometimes. I am quite satisfied with this one.

  3. I like it. Did you do it with layers over a photo? I can’t remember the technical term now! Raster? I had a go at a couple of rickman ones once but they were only in black and one colour.

  4. Yes Photoshop, layers and a lot of fiddling, tea and Billy Mack. And I don’t know any technical terms when it comes to Photoshop, I hack away and sometimes something decent comes out of it. It is rather difficult to make something not decent when Bill’s involved though. Success nearly always guaranteed with a face like that.

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