Business as usual

Business as usual
This post

  • has funky music!
  • has a short note about a Dutch footballer recently spotted in Croydon.
  • has a TGITC film review
  • is 100% Bill free. (enjoy it while it lasts is what I’d say). (I really tried)

1. Funky music
After seeing Salaam-e-ishq I wanted to hear that song again. Here it is so you can hear it too. It’s happy music, close curtains as it might make you wanna dance, it does that to me. What do you think? (The film will be released in Holland by the way)
(It is a rather large file, so patience is a virtue in this case, worth the wait though!)
(you are too late…)

2. Unfortunately for Chrystal Palace, the loud-music-in-cars-Dutch-footballplayer just signed a contract with Ajax Amsterdam. Chances of spotting him in Croydon will be close to zero from now on I guess. Not that I will miss him.

3. Another new blue marker has been added to the map near London. And Anna from Denmark wrote a review of The Girl In The Cafe. The Girl is on her way for a short visit to Holland, and a long (distance wise) to New Zealand. With a big thank you to Anna, here is her review:

-The moment I had the film in my hand, before I even sat down and watched it, I knew I would like it. Though I wouldn’t call myself a fan of Mr Nighy, I had a feeling inside, telling me I was going to enjoy this film and his performance, in particular, immensely. And I was right. How can you not like a film that takes place in London and Iceland and has great music in it? Of course, you can’t go wrong with a film by Richard Curtis.

I certainly liked it, the concept was terrific and the plot, while not all too original, still got me interested. This film was so much more than just entertainment for an hour and a half Though I cannot relate to neither Lawrence nor Gina, I managed to feel awkward myself during their first meeting, laugh at Lawrence’s deadpan jokes (for someone so seemingly dull as him, he does have some amusing comments) and feel sad, even sighing, whenever the discussion fell upon the subject of poverty. On top of this, I was so impressed by Bill Nighy and Kelly McDonalds acting. Mr Nighy plays the role of Lawrence to perfection. Most people would probably feel embarrassed by Kelly McDonald’s character, Gina, but I was actually embarrassed by the way Lawrence didn’t have the guts (or maybe the heart) to stand up for himself. You can interpret the message of the film any way you like – I would say they get it across quite clearly.

The only thing I didn’t like about the film was the ending, but I can overlook it because of the rest of the film. I just felt it was too open.

My favourite thing about the film, apart from the acting, was the music. “Cold Water” and “Starálfur” has got to be two of the most beautiful songs in the world. It is very touching with the rain falling and the first few notes of “Cold Water” playing. Absolutely heart-rending. On the whole, the film was very inspiring and wonderful.-

4. Put some chocolate in your ears, and eyes for an hour. (Just saw it, and OK I might not be completely objective here, but this is one big fat funky interview.)

Oh, if you are getting tired of all those New York pictures, it’s soon over, for a while.

4 thoughts to “Business as usual”

  1. No, I’ll never be tired of NY pictures. I particularly like the one of the Chrysler Building, it’s brilliant! I’d really like to go there too.

  2. 1. I guess… but there’s only 9 seconds?
    2. Good for him, and glad you will live with it ;)
    3. Cool :)
    4. (… couldn’t help laughing out loud with the ‘I really tried’, sorry!)

  3. 1. It’s quite a big file, so it is quite slow. It’s worth the wait though – I find :-)

    4. I really had the intention, but then this Billicious interview popped up – sorry – I really tried! :)

  4. 1. Aha! Indeed :) [my computer was probably as lazy as me last night ;) ]
    4. What can one say? :D (and, as for the NY pics, keep’em comin’)

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