The Journey of the Sorcerer

(This is a piece of the timetable of Grand Central station in New York)

I am going to do it. It is scary but I am going to do it.

It involves visa, countries I have never been to before, languages I don’t speak nor can read, other cultures, planes, taxis, and trains. A lot of trains. It is going to be a journey away from laptops, TV, internet, Yorkshire tea (or – maybe not), doubts and uncertainties, and some things I am not going to let you in on. It is going to be a journey out of town and into my soul, and I hope there are some answers to be found along the way. There should be time enough to search for them.

A short price comparison showed me that I could save loads of money when I organized and booked it all myself. Which is scary too, and time consuming. It takes a lot of planning, and time is a bit short, and if I somewhere make a mistake I might end up in places I didn’t intend to go. But how bad is that really, I will probably be able to make it home again, somehow. And home, let there be no doubt, is London.

When I come back from this trip I’ll have a few days in London, before I take off again to use my last free days for this holiday year (our holiday year at work ends the 1st of April – which is why I have to travel now) in a place I simply have to go to do some things I simply have to do.

I feel I have been so busy running through an exiting and high paced year (nearly) in London, I’ve never stopped to think where I was running to. Now I simply need a break and get away from it all for a short while.

I am planning to take off on the 24th of February. As soon as I have things in place, which is hopefully soon, I’ll tell you all about it, as it is going to be exiting. It’s not to keep you on a string, it’s more that I want to have it booked first before you are going to tell me that I am crazy. Because once booked, I know myself – I will go, no matter what you say.

I’ve been so busy running
never stopped to think where I was running to
But I’ve learned my lessons
from the tears I’ve had to cry
Sometimes it helps to take your time
to sit alone and watch the world go by
Cause every day it’s new
Thank God for this beautiful view

Every day it’s new
Thank God for this beautiful view
Thank God for this beautiful view

Tina Dico

9 thoughts to “The Journey of the Sorcerer”

  1. Sounds like a glorious adventure – even for your readers! But I must ask: will you be traveling alone?

  2. Simply because I would admire your courage and self-confidence, never having done so myself. Especially to a foreign country. If you do: Three cheers for Ingrid!

  3. Oh don’t cheer for me, I get shy. I am not that self-confident, it’s scaring the willies out of me, but you get a big kick out of it when things work out.

    And I won’t be travelling all alone, my pirate is coming with me. So I’ll be safe.

  4. Well, if you ever need an insider’s look into the city, drop me a line. :) One writer to another. Congrats on the booking. :) Now it’s time to get yourself really excited about it. :D

  5. An insider’s look into which city is that? :-)

    The booking is on edge of being there, then I can relax and will slowly get used to the idea that I have done something again which I haven’t really thought through. But those things tend to end up being interesting and cool and unforgettable.

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