Eye’m in the red for you

It doesn’t matter where you’ve been – how far
It doesn’t matter how run down you are
Or if there’s nothing perfect left in your heart
No, it all means nothing, it all means nothing, it all means nothing at all, at all

I’m on the edge for you
Losing my head for you
I’m in the red for you
Tonigh, tonight
Until my hopes fall through
There’s nothing else I can do
I’m in the red for you
Tonight, tonight
I’m on a rescue
(Tina Dickow)

I’ll return soon with stuff that makes a little bit more sense, my head is a bit busy with my film script, travel planning and things my head should not be busy with, at all. In the meantime, London knows exactly how I feel, and I might have taken one of my best London pictures yesterday. Beautifully dramatic. The Eye was in the Red for this, and I am in the Red for you. I’m on a rescue.

Here is the whole picture. A few more New York pictures are in the pipeline, before I get back to London for a short while.

7 thoughts to “Eye’m in the red for you”

  1. That is such a beautiful song. Someone introduced me to it at a very awkward phase of my life last year which I’m glad to be over. I played it to death, bought the CD, and now she’s more or less out of my life I never play it. Thanks for reminding me of it though.

  2. She is going on a UK tour soon, and is absolutely worth seeing live, so catch her if you like her music. And yes, it is a beautiful song, her lyrics are dangerously close to my life way too often.

  3. Thank you. I am not that satisfied with my New York pics to be honest, I didn’t have enough peace in my head to take them. They are OK. I am in love with my wide angle lens for sure.

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