Visa headache

I am this close, but not completely there yet. Let me give you one piece of advice though: Impulsive decisions are good, really they are. And I love to take them, it makes me feel alive and it keeps life interesting and exiting.

But planning a trip like this, in such a short time is a major headache.

I need 3 visas (did you know that visa is latin for “To See” – how beautifully appropiate) for the countries I am going to visit. For the US this just meant filling out a form in the plane before landing in New York, getting a stamp from a not so nice man in a uniform in the airport, and that was it. Where I am going now, this needs to be arranged well in advance. And not a few weeks before like I am trying to do.

I am not giving up. I want to leave on the date I have set for myself, because I want to be back in time to see the sexy frenchmen in London before I take off again, to see some other, ehrm, funky things. And I need to be back in the beginning of april, as there are other things waiting for me there.

Tomorrow before work (early rise) I am going to deliver my passport at the visa agency here in London, and they are going to try to arrange it all. After that I will book transport and places to stay. If that is done, and there is no way back I’ll tell you where I go. Oh, blimey, visas for those countries are unreasonably expensive!

I guess that means Haricots blancs avec sauce des tomates the rest of the year.

6 thoughts to “Visa headache”

  1. The phrase ‘impulsive decision’ is an oxymoron. Either someone acts on impulse or they act after much consideration. YOU seem like the impulse-driven type, which is how you arrived in London. There may have been 1,000 other people who considered relocating to London, but where are those 999 today?
    We’re depending on you to bring your camera and share the world with us, the sedentary 999!

  2. Hi Ingrid…it’s Beth. You’d commented on my post about front row to closing for “The Vertical Hour” a while back. Well…I’ve got some bad news…

    Closing is now March 11. The producers just made that call…I’m guessing yesterday…because they’ll recoup their investments (meaning it’ll break even) sometime during that week and rather than risk losing money on it afterwards (it’s been less than sold out on average), they’re closing it early.

    If you got your ticket through telecharge, call them and they’ll refund the money. There are still tickets to the 11th, but sadly NOT front row. :(

  3. Hi Beth, thanks – I did hear it this night too yes.
    This man (- Bill – though I absolutely know he has nothing to do with it) is messing up my travel plans! I did get my ticket through telecharge, so I’ll get my refund that is no problem.

    Now I have to choose between going for the you-are-mad option, or going for the you-are-absolutely-lunatic option. :-)

    But Beth, if I were you, and you haven’t seen it yet, be sure to get a ticket for one of the other dates. Bill Nighy is so worth it.

  4. Oh an Michele – I love your comment. And oxymoron must be my word of the day :) I’ll bring my camera for sure, and impulse driven, I guess I can’t deny that.

    What is the Belize link about? Are you related to that?

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