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Not much popping going on if you ask me.

I am not the biggest Hugh Grant fan, but if someone does rom-com well it’s him. The people casting him for this film must have seen him in Love Actually, in the rather unforgettable scene where he shakes his ass on Jump of the Pointer Sisters, one of the funniest scenes in the film.

Someone must have thought – let’s make a whole film with Hugh dancing like that. And it starts rather funny, with a pop video of Hugh as a member of a 80’s band called “Pop” and he looks hilarious. His dance moves are just as pathetic as the ones in Love Actually and it is great fun watching him.

Unfortunately they have been trying to compensate a truly bad script with loads of scenes where Hugh Grant is shaking his legs, and the story really never lifts off. Drew Barrymore is supposed to be his romantic interest, but at the end of the film I still didn’t find it believable that Hugh’s character actually falls for her, as there is no chemistry whatsoever between the two. Add to that a very confusing story about Drew’s past, a tv show about 80’s has beens of which I am still in doubt if Hugh’s character actually decided to participate in, and make matters worse : cast Kirsten Johnston (who I recently saw in Love Song), who now officially made it to the 1 place on my “most annoying actress” list.

It could have been so much fun, but it simply wasn’t.

Credits to Hugh Grant for singing all the songs himself, he sounds a bit like Gary Barlow, which isn’t bad at all. But Hugh Grant needs to be in a British rom-com and not in some American wannabe funny crap script one.

So unfortunately, my heart didn’t go Pop for neither Hugh nor this film.

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  1. I saw the trailer for this the other night anddid not feel the need to rush off and see it. I’m not a Hugh fan although I thought he was great in About a Boy and Bridget Jones, the rest of the time it’s just the floppy haired public school boy and I’ve met enough of them not to be impressed.

  2. I agree that he was great in About a Boy and Bridget Jones. :) I think About a Boy is the only film I know with him that is slightly serious.

  3. I felt that writing the entire plot about Cora diminished the story somewhat; however, i did like the romance between Sophie and Alex. i also liked the music.

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