Live your life with passion and your heart will sing

Bill Nighy - Lawrence - straightening his tie
This is so true.
Despite the fact that it is Valentine’s day, a day single people tend to hate, and I am no exception.

And you can keep your cards with “I LOVE YOU”, your Sainsbury’s Taste the difference spring milk chocolates in a heart shaped box, your Marks and Spencers Organza Heart with Heart Truffles, your romantic spa weekend for two and your shared bank account. And you think yeah, that’s what any pathetic single girl would say. I hear you, but I actually mean it. Not only because I still don’t understand the concept – why do we need a specially assigned day to say “I love you”? Say it as often as you can. All year around.

And apart from all that – I would really rather fall off my chair.
Lucky, as that was exactly what happened.

And as we have just learned how to write sounds in a film script, a big:


would be appropriate in this case, as that was the sound of me falling off my chair when I read it.

Or maybe a


which was the sound my heart made when I read it.

Or just

H-o-l-y s-h-*-t!

which was what I accidentally let out (quite loudly) when I read it.

Read what?
Read this (read on – long article but it is in there somewhere more than half way down).

As The Girl In The Cafe on tour project now seems to be certified and considered “very cool” and “very admirable” by the highly respected incredibly talented cool and funky Mr. Bill Nighy himself.

I am tongue-tied. I don’t know what to say, I can’t believe he is just throwing it up in an (excellent) interview!
It is surreal, but oh so nice.

If there is something I truly love it is this project. With a G8 meeting coming up in Germany (6-8 June 2007) Making Poverty History is still a huge issue as many politicians seem to have a very short memory and they seem to forget what promises they have made on previous G8 meetings. This is why the film is as actual and important as it was when it came out in 2005. And that is one reason why I love this project.

The other reason is that it is such a kick that that complete strangers find their way to my mailbox telling me that they want to be a stop on the long trip The Girl DVD is making. They come at times where I least expect them, where I fear that it at one point will be over with this journey. But then I check my mail, and the last few days for example I received new sign ups from Las Vegas (USA), RohresVille (USA) and Zagreb (Croatia). Which brings the total number of countries participating on 15, and the number of states in the USA on the list on 6 8. I find this unbelievable. And incredibly cool too, and it makes me very happy. I don’t know where it is going to end, but I have the feeling that there still is a long way to go.

Sign up here if you want to participate. It’s free. It’s fun. And spread the word.
Visit if you want to learn more about why it is important.

A big thank you to everybody who already has participated. Who took care of The Girl while she spent a few days with you, without you she couldn’t have travelled this far already.
And a big thank you to the people patiently waiting on the list. She will come to you eventually, and she is worth the wait.
And, of course a big thank you to Bill Nighy (who is to blame for this project coming to life in the first place) for just being Bill.

Let it be all around. Always.

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