Hot Fuzz – a review (8/10)

Hot Fuzz (IMDB) is probably one of the most anticipated British films this year, and if you liked Shaun of the Dead (the one and only Rom-com-zom), you can just buy your ticket for this one. Satisfaction guaranteed.

The makers of this film have very cleverly used the internet to promote this film. They have been posting videologs while they were filming it last year, and build a community site for all the Fuzz fans waiting for the film to come out. Shaun of the Dead somehow turned into a cult film, and they have a lot to live up to with this one.

It is easy to see that they had lots of fun filming this, they have stolen from every action movie available and the jokes are hilarious. I really like Simon Pegg, he is a brilliant comedy actor. He plays Nicholas Angel a top cop from London whose arrest statistics are ten times as high as those from his colleagues, and he therefore gets transferred to sleepy Sandford on the country side because he makes his colleagues look bad in London.

Apart from Pegg the film features his buddy Nick Frost (also from Shaun of the Dead) as his sidekick, and a long list of British actors in shorter roles. Bill Bailey, Jim Broadbent, Martin Freeman, Stephen Merchant, and yes the mighty Bill Nighy too, they all have cameo roles in this film, and ex Bond Timothy Dalton is brilliantly casted as the village villain. The story has a lot of twists but never loses pace, and this is probably the only film in which I watch shooting scenes with a huge smile on my face. Only because they are so ridiculous. This is a comedy like only the Brits can make them.

The film is not released everywhere yet, but Catch the Fuzz, if it comes to a theatre near you. It’s a good laugh.


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