Cool. Very. Cool.

Ice cold

It’s nearly not about him at all. Really. I have done some research.

First some distances:

  • 2.504 km London – Moscow
  • 7.622 km Moscow – Beijing
  • 11.019 km Beijing – New York
  • 5.585 km New York – London

Total : 26.730 km.

I am going to travel 26.730 km. Wow.

And yes I feel like a carbon criminal. Am I really going to travel 11.019 km to see, erhm, to see a play with Bill Nighy. You couldn’t read that, could you? Pfew, good. I must be mad.

Day temperatures this week:

  • Beijing 9 C to 15 C. Nice, London like.
  • New York 2 C to 4 C. OK. It will be warm enough.
  • Ulaanbataar (which is the capital of Mongolia, where I will be passing on Saturday next week) -4 C to -11 C. Well …
  • Moscow, erhm, today it’s -4 C which is OK, Friday it is going to be, am I ready for this, no I am not ! -16 C !!
    That is minus sixteen, as in your nose hair will freeze to ice when you try to breathe. And it makes Greenland feel like the Carribean.

I need to buy thermo underwear. It’s so not sexy.

13 thoughts to “Cool. Very. Cool.”

  1. The photo of the slushy snow is quite nice – those temps are NOT so nice. I don’t do cold, which is why I moved to Florida after finding out you can wear shorts in February!

  2. It’s a detail of a picture of an iceberg I took in Greenland. You see I like the cold sometimes, Greenland is cold but magical and empty and it made an everlasting impression.

    But I had no idea that it would still be this cold in Moscow, probably because I just blindly booked this trip without doing any research. All my thermo clothes, hats, gloves and proper wintercoats are still in Denmark, in a box. I didn’t think I would need them.
    That’s typical for me. I often don’t think.
    But I have read somewhere that the train is warm. And how cool to sit in your bed under a blanket watching the world go by. It will be fine.

  3. How nice is your journey!
    Welcome to china and Beijing. I am sure you will like china. She is so beautiful.

  4. @Edwinek – it’s going to be sunshine with not too much wind, so it will probably be fine.

    @Rosemaria – Thank you so much! I feel honoured to visit your country, and I really really look forward to it !

  5. Yes for sane people (which I am not) it must sound insane. I keep convincing myself that it is not :-)

    The good news is it is only going to be -11 C in Moscow the days I am there. In Ekaterinburg and Novosibirsk, places I will pass (while hopefully sitting in the warm train) during the trip it is going to be -24 C on Monday!
    That’s what I call winter :-)

  6. Heya Ingrid,

    I’m excited for you! Apparently I read this travel blog about a couple who did the transsib in March 2006. Their nose hair didnt freeze…but their tear ducts did!

    I’m soo scared too!!! Brr…

  7. You are going a week or so later than me aren’t you, might be it is less cold! :-) I am counting on the train being warm, and I think we will be fine. If we freeze, we will appreciate the weather in our home countries for years to come. But I can see that the temperature difference for you is much bigger than for me as Malaysia is quite a a lot warmer than the UK!

    We’ll be fine. That’s what I keep telling myself. We’ll be just fine!

    And we will feel incredible good about it after, it will be a great experience!

  8. Hi Ingrid

    Here in Aarhus, Denmark there is so much snow that my boss just called and canceled our nightshift work. That has never happened bofore. So some good things happen when the weather turns into an icestorm

    You should be here in Aaurhus to see it. I was was waiting for the bus at the “Ringvejen” ( you’ve been in Aarhus so you know what I mean ) The trucks are having difficulties climbing up the small hills. At the small roads some cars are stuck in the snow… It’s quite a fun to see it all. And while I waited for the bus I chatted with two other guys. You know normally you never say a word when you wait… And we helped a car that was stuck in the snow.

    Now I will enjoy a night without work in front of the tv and my warm bed. :-)

    Have a nice trip around the world :-)

  9. @Jacob : Thank you!
    I miss the snow in Denmark that’s for sure. And it’s a beautiful thing isn’t it, people opening up because their lives are shaken up a bit by unforeseen circumstances. I love that.

    Enjoy your unexpected free evening! And the snow – I love the brightness of snow.

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