Train foreplay

In my Caterham train to work this morning, while standing still at Clapham Junction :

“Good morning ladies and gentleman. We apologize for the delay, the train doesn’t seem to know where it is, and will therefor not open it’s doors”.

I could completely understand the train. I don’t always know where I am either.

(We stayed in Clapham for a few minutes more. The voice told us they would “reboot the cabins” in order to get the doors opened and that helped. Too bad – I had my book and could have read on for a few hours more)

6 thoughts to “Train foreplay”

  1. The most beautiful thing was that I am very sure that the guy announcing this didn’t have a clue how absurd and funny this sounded. I looked at my neighbour and we started laughing instantly. Absolutely brilliant.

  2. In nederland vond ik het vroeger nooit zo leuk als ze iets gingen omroepen in de trein. Maar als er zulk soort berichten door de intercom klinken dan krijg je inderdaad wel een lach op je gezicht.

  3. Hmm…I had a similar experience on my morning commuter train recently. The train stopped at a station and then the driver had some sort of problem – the train jerked for a few minutes and well the train driver used the term ‘I will just reboot the train’. I wonder if trains are now just large moving computers?!

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