The question today is …

will she actually make it to get on that train? Well good question, I am not entirely sure at the moment.

I visited the train station this morning, I have a whole day to spent, have checked out of my hotel already, and I want to be prepared. And I have really done my best, but I couldn’t find anybody speaking any English at the station, and therefor no one could point out which platform my train is going to leave from. They do have an Information desk on the station, but unfortunately the Lonely Planet guide is more than accurate in this matter : there is an Information desk but don’t expect them to speak any English and don’t expect to get any information at all. Which was exactly what I got.

I find it hard to understand that a huge city like Moscow, and a big international train station like Yaroslawsky doesn’t have any English speaking employees. Maybe they just don’t want tourists to visit their country?

I am going around with mixed feelings at the moment, and I feel a bit lost. I just searched the Internet for other trans Siberian travellers, and an American guy wrote in his travel journal that he had problems finding the train too (as he didn’t speak any Russian either), but that he left from platform 3. So that is something, and if the train does indeed leave from there I am going to write him a thank you note when I am back.

My plan B plan is having the guy from the hostel (have to pick up my bags there later today) write a note in cyrillic Russian saying : “This girl needs to get on the Trans Sib train to Beijing (did you know that Beijing was called Peking before – I had no idea!), please put her on the right train. She will give you a kiss and love (but not marry!) you the rest of her life for it”. Or something in that direction.

That might help, if not I am buggered. If I should miss my train, well let’s hope I don’t but then I will have to change my plans. One thing is not going to change though, whatever happens I will get to New York somehow.

So – if you don’t hear from me I am on my train, and you can enjoy a week without me rambling. If I happen to show up before somewhere next week, plans have been altered. Either way, whatever happens, this is a hell of a lot more interesting and exiting than sitting at work.

May you all have a nice week. And OK then, cross your fingers for me getting on that train, because I really want to make that trip.

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  1. Fingers crossed! I would suggest indeed having the name of the train written down in cyrillic, that will certainly help you find it. Have a great week too!

  2. I’ve crossed my fingers and duct-taped them together. But I think the train will be st its platform a good while before departure, so if you just go from platform to platform you should be able to find it. Good luck and enjoy yourself in Siberia!

  3. Gosh, you do get around! Have a great time – I’m sure it’ll be full of exciting adventures. (That’s code for “Oh Ingrid how I envy you!”).

  4. no news = good news :)

    I picture you in a warm and fuzzy carriage, surrounded by most interesting people and going through extraordinary landscapes… (sigh) :)

  5. Looks like you’ve made it. And although I am hoping that you will not get bored on the train at all, I am hoping that you will follow your idea of interviewing some of your fellow passengers (and share the answers with us). By the way: I have been wondering if you will have more of that ‘Babel’ experience in Beijing – the signs won’t be in cyrillic, but in Chinese ideographs… Let’s hope more Chinese people do speak English, though.

  6. I guess you made it….and I hope you wasnt made to marry a stranger for it! I’m looking forward to those interviews too!

  7. If no news is indeed GOOD news, the finger-crossing must be working!
    You DO realize this may be the ultimate trip of your lifetime, something you will tell your grandchildren about.
    We anxiously await your next posting.

  8. This feels like those early space missions when they went behind the moon and there was no contact and we were just waiting for them to re-appear!!

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