Beijing is again a complete different world. The people are very very friendly, and here I feel safe walking around in the city with my camera. I have been in the Forbidden City and saw the Lama temple (including their 15 meter high Buddha statue) and it was both beautiful. Even the supermarkets are interesting. It is impossible to press all those impressions into one single post on this blog, so I guess you have to be a bit patient it will come later, with the pictures.

I now have to (mentally) prepare for my time travel tomorrow. I will (if I have calculated it correctly) cross 13 timezones, from Beijing (GMT +8) to New York (GMT -5), which is the only reason why I can leave from Beijing at 9.50 am and arrive in New York at 5.50 pm. I will travel in Slarti’s spaceship of course, you didn’t really think that I was going to take a regular plane did you?

I wonder how knackered I am going to be arriving in New York. But I don’t have anything planned for the rest of my Wednesday, and if necessary I can sleep Thursday until late as I first need to be fully awake at about 7pm, which is Bill-time -1.

And blimey, New York seems to have turned into a freezer as well! My termo underwear is working overtime on this trip : -6 on Thursday in NY, but with sunshine. Until now all my days have been fresh but sunny, which is excellent. I am one happy girl in the (Internet) cafe.

See you in New York!

7 thoughts to “Beijing”

  1. Indeed, one thing is crossing time zones at the leisurely pace of a train, another is crossing them all on a plane, at once – oops, sorry, I only now realised it’s all in Slarti spaceship travel, what am I saying here?? :)

  2. Welcome to my time zone, Ingrid-in-New-York! Have a wonderful time in NY, being nigh to Nighy.

  3. I agree Beijing is a safe to travel to. I spent 3 months there last year and had a great time. The Olympics is going to be an exciting time

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