New York

Written in the plane from Beijing to London:
OK, OK I don’t get it, people who think flying is a drag. I am sitting here with a cup of tea, the Milky Way (that has been ages ago!), a KitKat and a piece of chocolate cake, laughing my ears off watching the brilliant Meryl Streep in The Devil Wears Prada on the screen in front of me. Tell me – what’s not to like about flying?

The cool thing was that the plane flew over both Mongolia and a part of Russia I have done by train, so it was very cool to now see it from the air (lots and lots of snow). I was very lucky as the plane was nearly empty (it was me and Slarti basically) so I had 3 chairs for myself, which meant excellent sleeping opportunities. The flight to London went very quick (10 hours). I touched Heathrow shortly where I had to run (due to several delays) for my NY plane but made it, and the NY plane had apple cake with custard, more Milky Way tea and Daniel Craig in Casino Royale! I mean come on – life is great! Also here I had 3 chairs, and I slept even more as I was starting to get tired, reliving the same hours again – so when I popped up at Union Square from the NY subway I was surprisingly fresh in the head. My hotel is a bit shabby, but who cares, it is perfectly located. I did realize that I had a day of about 36 hours (the longest day of my life) though which is weird to think about. I woke up at 6am this morning, and that could have been much worse as well.

So – I am in New York where the sun shines, soon getting high on Nighy and yes it is fresh. But after Russia this is very doable, and it gets warmer in the weekend. May I just send a big thank you to whoever has organized the weather on this trip as I have only had perfectly blue skies and sunshine until now. I am really very grateful.

New York feels comfortably familiar. When I arrived yesterday evening the Empire State building smiled at me, and from the street where my hotel is, I can see the most beautiful building in New York – the Chrysler building, which is a fantastic sight by night.

It’s easy finding my way now, the subway is great, I already had pancakes for breakfast, people speak English and I am going to relax my last days here. I will do some shopping, visit some of the things I missed last time, take some more pictures, see some films and just enjoy my time here.

I changed from t-shirt to posh shirt. I normally don’t buy souvenirs, but they had a pair of beautiful silver cuff links with the Chinese word for “Good luck” on them in Beijing so I had to have those – and will wear them tonight.

It’s Bill time -8, and yes I look forward to being nigh to Nighy in NY tonight. Like crazy.

Life is good in New York!

3 thoughts to “New York”

  1. I know! Flying is so fun!

    I mean, even airline food. I can imagine if you’re really hungry and wanting a meal and you get airline food you won’t be too happy, but it’s awesome. Everything’s in its own tiny little container, it’s just like real food but smaller.

    Then when you’re walking through the airport I think it’s justifiable to feel all important cos, y’know, you must be important otherwise you’d have no reason to be flying in the first place.

  2. Enjoy the last couple of days over there and the last Bill Nigh(y)t in NY and have a good flight home.

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