Knocked out

Don’t worry I won’t write that much about the play and Nighy, my review of The Vertical Hour from December still stands.

The man is great in every single way, and watching him vaporized all memories about trains, Moscow and Beijing. I probably shouldn’t have seen him – good I still have my pictures. Bill the Opie way had survived the 22.000 km trip as well and got scribbled on (he really seemed to like that one so that was cool) and on the question how long I was staying I said until Monday, and will be back for the play on Saturday. “Oh, I’ll see you on Saturday then!” he said. Yes, well I didn’t really intend to show up at the backstage door again to be honest, as I have nothing more for him to scribble on. Except for my forehead maybe. He can write “you are insane” on it. Tempting, I’ll have to think about it.

Time travels, Vertical Hours, lanky Brits I don’t know what it is but I feel a bit knocked out. I slept obsessively much yesterday, I feel a bit better today, but am not top fit. The weather turned from quite cold to lovely, the trade off being that it is now a bit cloudy but you can walk around without gloves which is lovely.
Walking is what I intend to do a lot today. Maybe the fresh air will make me feel better and you see a lot more of the city when walking in stead of the subway.

New York is nice. Union Square (where my hotel is) is an interesting area. There was a market when I passed it this morning, lots of good food, but my appetite is has gone walkabout a bit at the moment. There are loads of dogs with coats. And I am sure London has it’s fair share of weird people (I am one of them) but they just seem to be more visible in New York. I try to imagine that I was sitting in a train crossing the white landscape of Mongolia exactly one week ago. And I try to ban all thoughts about getting back to work about 5 days from now.

When he drove off in his slick black blinded Lincoln car with chauffeur I was thinking what a major star he has become. I really hope that the latest rumour is going to be true (it didn’t get denied, but it’s not 100% sure either – and “Are you sure you want to hear me sing again?” – well yeah – I was very sure I want to hear him sing again) I’ll cross my fingers : rumours are that he is going to play opposite Meryl Streep (and Pierce Brosnan has been confirmed as well) in the film version of the musical Mama Mia. Lots of singing – supertrouper Bill – that is certainly something to look forward to.

Now I’ll go for a cup of tea, and some milk. And some reading.
Enjoy the weekend.

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  1. I understand you have a HUGE jetlag, don`t sleep tooo much, just relax a bit and enjoy everything more slowly ;-) have a nice last weekend and a good flight home

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