Ordinary world

New York - break dance - Central Park

She walked all the way from the market on Union Square (14th) until the edges of Central Park that day. It felt good, and because New York was melting for her with lots of sunshine it gave her a feeling of spring. Both on the outside of her body, it was nice to be able to drop the gloves, but also inside her mind. It felt like after a long dark winter, she was slowly waking up again. The sun on her face, the sounds of the city it felt good.

On the corner of Central Park a group of break dancers gave a performance. The smoke from the manholes, the police cars, the yellow cabs, the skyscrapers, even Central Park, it felt surreal, like walking around on a film set. The big LOVE statue (picture coming up) on 57th St made her smile and think about that other film. She slowly walked back downtown and ended in front of the now well known but slightly odd looking doors of the Music Box theatre. She was thinking that these doors looked like gates. Weird. But she entered.

And she saw the play and thought that if you wanted a masterclass in acting you needn’t look any further. She could see it 42 times more and still be intensely moved by it and him, but unfortunately for her this was the last time. She felt somewhat sad to say goodbye to the theatre, the play and the Actor, but his words afterwards turned her already great journey into an unforgettable one. She was thinking that if this was a film, it would start pouring down at this very moment. Someone up there heard her.

New York rain came down, she looked up feeling the rain on her face, she got soaked but it didn’t bother her. You could see her smiling in between the drops. “Cold water” she thought, the other film.
She looked back one more time to the theatre, the lights were out and she saw that they were gone – The Gates of Intense Happiness. Back to Beijing already.

Her sleeping pattern is still a mess. This night at 3.25am she caught herself listening to lyrics which were far too appropriate not to end this final post from New York with:

But I won’t cry for yesterday
There’s an Ordinary World
Somehow I have to find
As I try to make my way
to the Ordinary World
I will learn to survive

(Duran Duran)

Seat 42K (and of course the 42 is no coincidence) in a Boeing 747 (which is a premiere for her).

London awaits.

5 thoughts to “Ordinary world”

  1. Ah, so unfair! I’m sorry that you must keep Bill’s words to you a secret; it must have been intensely personal, but if it was, then I must understand.

    Still envious! It’s incredibly gratifying that he’ll be so busy in the next year, but it makes me very sad that I was not able to get up to NYC to see THE VERTICAL HOUR. Now, God knows how long it will be, before he returns to the stage. Then again…”Life is cruel,” eh?

  2. @Ella: I am pretty sure Bill will return to stage at some point. He loves it too much not to. So we have to be patient.

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