Coming home

Russian for beginners
it’s the hardest thing to do. Not because I don’t like London or the place I live, but because I really get depressed after holidays like these! The after holiday dip is hitting me like a rock every time, and it kills all my inspiration to write.

I had a good flight, I again had 3 seats to sleep on, I had Casino Royale and the newest Rocky film on my screen and it went fairly fast. I am at home, I will try to conquer my list of unanswered e-mails as soon as possible and apart from that I don’t really know what to do with myself at the moment. I miss New York. Clearly.

I have browsed in my stack of photo’s, they are OK, not all great but OK, and the first one is up. I have 2 more posts from New York (100% Bill free I promise) which I will drop somewhere this week.

What does the picture above say you wonder? I have absolutely no idea, your guess is as good as mine.

5 thoughts to “Coming home”

  1. I know exactly how you feel. I had last week off to play a gig and work on my music…I felt like such an anarchist when I got back to work yesterday….didnt really care about what I was doing at all…But today I shall work on some new music and it will lift me back up there again. Music is the answer if you ask me…even if your not asking me check out my link and see if the music works for you too…

  2. @Jay – music works for me as well. I nearly always have music on, and it nearly always helps. I am currently trapped in Bob Dylan again, and I know why.

    @grigorisgirl : thank you! And don’t worry it was only 2 posts I was talking about, the other 498 he will be in. Those not being able to cope with it must have left the building by now I recon :-)

  3. After having passed every single longitude on the planet is a good moment to come home. Time to sleep off the accumulated jetlag, or have you already become immune?

  4. I feel remarkably fit at the moment, but I expect the man with the hammer to popup any time soon. I even made it to work today!

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