Love, New York – a pathetic poem

New York, 55th Street

I miss New York
Empire State
The subway the
theatre wait

The Music Box
that actor’s power
twist of fate
Vertical Hour

Central Park
and Union Square
spring magic floating
in the air

the yellow cabs
the “post no Bills”
to feel like running
down the hills

the Brooklyn Bridge
it suddenly
is clear to me

I miss Times Square
And forty two
But most of all
I’m missing you

It made a journey
so complete
as Love was right
there on the street

8 thoughts to “Love, New York – a pathetic poem”

  1. Thank you all three. I admit it – I like it as well, it’s the definition of New York for me. A city I thought I didn’t really like, until I visited it for the second time. Now I like it a bit too much!

  2. Wonderful words.

    My lover sent this to me, whilst I was in NYC and he was at home.

    And it helped me say ‘I love you’, which I don’t do so very often.

    Because it was so very beautiful, and meant so much from him to me.

    So thank you.

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