10 things that put a smile on my face on a Monday

Flying high over London
Over London flying high on my way to Nighy York (really)

Let’s see what’s in here: a mouse, a Mars bar, old and young, Daniel Craig, Hot Fuzz, Love Actually, coconutophobes, dreams and delicious Scots. And OK, he’s in there too.

  1. It is spring in London. The sun shines. What more do you need.
  2. The sandwich lady, she comes around our office with sandwiches, snacks and drinks – you know like that guy in that film:

    Best sandwiches in Britain.
    Try my lovely nuts?
    Beautiful muffin for a beautiful lady.
    Morning, my future wife.

    like that. She knows I love the Melon bowls they sell. As do other people as they are nearly always sold out when she gets to our office (we are high up on the 18th floor), but today she had “hidden” one especially for me. Is that nice or what.

  3. It is about a year ago since I started in my current job. Time in London flies, which is a good thing. It’s not my dream job, but if I am supposed to be in IT for a while longer then this is not a bad place to be. Especially not since my desk moved to a place with this great view over London.
  4. One of my colleagues brought a cake in today and yes it had indeed :

    – Lots of coconut.
    – It’s pretty crucial to be fond of coconut.
    – I am.
    – Good.
    – This is no place for “coconutophobes”.

    Which I of course had to quote and send around to everybody here. Which resulted in one of my colleagues asking: “Ingrid – do happen to like Bill Nighy or what?”
    Which qualifies for “the understatement of the year award”.
    If travelling 12000 km to see the man on stage qualifies as “liking Bill Nighy” then – I do.

    I of course refused any comments on the question “Do you fancy him or do you just think he is a great actor?” As everything you say here at the office will be used against you, for sure, for the rest of your life. I learn fast.

  5. There was this very friendly man who threw his body between the already closing elevator doors to keep it open for me. Unfortunately we have one of these high speed lifts which means that even though we are on the 18th floor there is no chance whatsoever to have a conversation in the lift!
  6. Old or Young?

    When talking about Casino Royale and Daniel Craig here at work:

    Colleague “Do you think he is hot?”
    Me “Well yeah!”
    Colleague “Well he is a bit old isn’t he?”

    Bloody hell, Daniel Craig old? He is only 38! If he is old then I am ancient history and Bill is a dinosaur.
    It’s tough being the oldest sometimes.

    On the other hand I had a talk with my funky class mate, she is quite a bit older than I am (but not old, mind you). We talked about what we wanted to do after this class, and we both want to continue on the next screen writing course and maybe apply for a real MA course (a masters which is 2 years, one day a week). But – the application for this needs to be done before the end of June 2007, for the course starting in January 2008. And that application needs to be accompanied by a short film script and a 10 page outline of a feature (= full length) film.

    Me “We don’t have that do we?”
    She “No we don’t”
    Me “A bit unrealistic to expect that we can apply for the 2008 course then?”
    She “Yes”
    Me (the impatient one) “But that means that we have to wait until the 2009 one, do you know how old I will be at that time? I can’t wait that long!”
    She “Oh come one, time is going so fast, before we know it, it’s 2009!”

    And I looked at her with a lot of respect, and realized that I am very happy that she is going to join the same class as me in April, and that she was right. Of course she was right. Time goes fast. And we are not old.

  7. My “Can I pleasure someone with a Mars bar?” remark last Friday.
    I knew something was wrong with that expression when I said it, but by the time I realized it it was already too late.
    I didn’t mean it to be funny at all but people roared here in the office. I love juggling with words and sometimes (most of the times actually) some of them fall on the floor. I am still learning.
  8. When I came to my desk this morning my new mouse had arrived.
    On it a hand written note with : “Let me be your mouse …”. I have no idea who wrote it. But I said “OK”.
  9. I have run out of 2 films lately (that’s the luxury of having an unlimited card). “Because I said so” with Diane Keaton was so annoying that I wanted to drag her out of the film, I couldn’t so I left. And Premonition (with Sandra Bullock) was too ridiculous for words. Walking out of Premonition I walked into Hot Fuzz. This was a second timer, but what a funny film this is. If you haven’t seen it yet and you like a stupid daft silly but hilariously filled with British humour movie, please go see it. It’s extremely well edited too if you ask me.
  10. The man in the support department of a certain company I had to call this morning had the most delicious Scottish (Davy) accent, and apart from that he was utterly charming as well. I asked him questions to which I knew the answers just to keep him talking. Charming Scots in the morning make my day.

And you – how is your day?

10 thoughts to “10 things that put a smile on my face on a Monday”

  1. My day so far? Work, work, and more work. A few very nice emails :) And reading this post ;)

  2. An abrupt start of the day because of alarming phonecall, lack of sleep and a suspicious death around the corner. What more can happen? I guess I better go to bed early…

  3. Of course, you may be too young to remember the “Mick Jagger and the Mars Bar” story!!
    I’m only a bit younger than Bill so must qualify for the Jurassic period at least!

    I still haven’t watched Casino Royale but my 16 year old son bought it last week so I just have to find the time to watch it on the big tv which is difficult as my husband tends to be glued to it!

  4. @Anne: that sounds really bad! I’m so sorry to hear that!

    @Grigorisgirl : oh I want to hear that story! LOL

    And get ready for Craig, Daniel Craig, he is delicious in Casino Royale. He is also a fantastic actor, I think that’s what makes him more, uhm, sexy.

    @Jill : don’t work too hard!

  5. Oh my – I just found that story online. That’s so funny !!

    Trust me I didn’t mean ANYTHING LIKE THAT with my Mars bar suggestion.

    For those interested, google “mick jagger and the mars bar” and it’s the first link you got.

    I am still laughing.

  6. My colleague got an automatic e-mail reply from a business contact in Japan:
    “I have been out of my desk for a meeting.”

  7. I saw Hot Fuzz on Sunday – one thing confused me. Your man Bill and Mr Coogan were on screen for less than five minutes, and here I was thinking they were going to be a big part of the movie.

  8. They were on screen for less than 1 minute I think. I knew that, nearly all British actors are in it for a second or two, cameos only. Sorry if I made you believe that Bill was in it longer.
    But despite that – I found it a very enjoyable film!

    @Marieke – that is brilliant :)

  9. What are your favourite things for a Tuesday Ingrid…? Whole different ball game really-The week isnt as fresh as a monday but the weekend is staill vey far away…could this mean a more level response that isnt influenced by the lure or hangover of the weekend…? Man, I talk some rubbish sometimes…


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