The Fool on Parliament Hill, Hampstead Heath
Parliament Hill, Hampstead Heath

While this weekend was destined to become one of the boring ones, a simple twist of fate turned it into a really nice one. London spring weather was amazingly sunny, my face is amazingly red and in stead of hanging around in cinemas someone showed me some areas in London I hadn’t been before.

I managed to climb both Parliament Hill and Primrose Hill this weekend. Both places are posh kingdoms, but both hills are worth climbing as they give you such a marvelous view over London. I had been on Parliament Hill before (eating Bill as a matter of fact), but this time we crossed the whole of Hampstead Heath, so I also finally got to see the beautiful Kenwood House (not yet inside, that’s kept for the winter time), the lakes and I experienced the nice feeling of being away from city noise.

Today we walked through most of Regent’s Park, I had never been there, and it’s probably the most beautiful park in London, very well kept, filled with beautiful tulips (which made my Dutch heart beat a tiny bit faster) and loads of other flowers, blooming trees, the pathetic rowing lake with men trying to impress their girlfriends while really not knowing how to row (yes I know I am a pathetic single girl who actually envies them), and lots more.

Both hills, and Regent’s Park feature in several London based films. I really don’t go and look for it but film scenes just tend to pop up in my head when I walk around in these places. That’s what you get when you live in films all the time. Feel free to skip this last bit if you couldn’t care less.

Here we go:
Harry Potter talks to the snake in the London Zoo, which is located in Regent’s Park. However, we discussed how incredibly ridiculous it actually is to have animals like giraffes and elephants captured in a small place in the middle of city like London. Seriously.

Some scenes from About a Boy (Hugh Grant did prove he can act – good film) are filmed here, and Primrose Hill features in Breaking and Entering (wonderful film), Bridget Jones II (I was good, II was incredibly crappy) and Imagine Me & You (I love this film). Hampstead Heath features in loads of films shot in London as well, Scenes of a sexual nature (great film) is nearly completely shot here and the last scene in Notes on a Scandal (what can I say, Bill-iant film) is shot here as well.

So yes, London showed itself from it’s best side, trying hard to cool down my more than serious love for New York a bit. What would help even more – can’t New York just return our actors to us? I mean why do they need to have both Bill and Kevin (“Spacey invaders” – currently doing Moon for the misbegotten on Broadway)? London just isn’t the same without them.

OK, apart from the fact that you can get sun struck (as I obviously am) in the London spring sun, both Hampstead Heath and Primrose Hill / Regent’s Park are highly recommended for a walk, whenever you are in London.

Did you have a nice Easter weekend as well?

Oh, and something completely different: did I miss something in Beijing or what?

9 thoughts to “HillBill(ie)”

  1. It’s too early in the morning for that link!
    Glad you had a pleasant Easter. I had a stomach bug!
    I agree about NY theatres, will they kindly return Bill (and his play) to London.
    BTW, can I recommend Anthony Sher in Kean when it arrives in London next month. I saw it in the stix last week and it was wonderful.

  2. Thanks for recommending that Grigorisgirl, I will put that on the list. The story sounds like sometime I might really like (since it seems to be about Love actually and a tragic romantic). So yes keep them coming please those recommendations, I am still a fairly newbie when it comes to theatre and plays.

    Sorry to hear about your stomach bug! And apologies for the very inappropriate link, esp. in the morning :)

  3. Oh, London… (sigh) It seems like you had a great Easter weekend! :) Mine was very, very peaceful, good for the mind.

    Ah, and it’s also too early in the evening for that link ;)

  4. Well, I was all set for some Mongolian scenes, so this was a change. Ah Bill … he really should be in England.

    Did you say tulips?? My pond is still frozen over and right this minute, snow is falling. I think I’d rather be in England too.

  5. @Jill – it was a very nice weekend indeed. That link was just too much, I admit it.

    @Kate – sorry to disappoint you with non Mongolian material!
    And my, I had no idea that the weather was still this cold there in Canada. Is that normal for this time of the year?

    Yes I said tulips, they were so beautiful, I love tulips. You would probably like Regent’s Park as well, being a gardener yourself.

  6. Ohh some of my favourite parts of London! You’ve made me homesick all over again! I do hope you recognised Kenwood House from Notting Hill! Beautiful shot of the city!

  7. Oh! I didn’t know, but I looked it up! Kenwood House was the scene where Anna was filming her period film and Will was visiting her on the set. Wow, how cool.

    Sorry to make you homesick, I actually thought you lived in London as well, but it’s Australia isn’t it?

  8. That’s the one! Yes, Australia is home now. I lived in London for a year and a half … in Hampstead actually, so Parliament Hill and Primrose Hill are awfully familiar! London still feels a lot like home, despite now being “home” for longer than I was in London. I guess London can be an easy place to make home.

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