13 thoughts to “I could be their leader”

  1. hi im loulwa, about the card its amaizingas usuall but i have something to say which does not have to do with anything about this websyte but i tought of taking my favourite movie`s fans` opinion..
    one day while i was speaking with my cousin, who`s in about my age, he was telling me that there was this girl who`s had his heart in my school in my class.. so i guessed almost all the name who are in my classes but he denied all the names that i have told him. and suddenly i noticed that he was talking about me all the time but i rejected him, and i dont know why.. maybe because i feared him and its been three or four months now sisnce it happened and i just realized that i love him..
    could u guys please help me by giving me adviced ’bout wut to do?? ill be always waiting please send ur comment on my email: bent_m7md118@hotmail.com

  2. Thats all cool and everything..
    But still i didnt get it..
    Who is ingrid?
    (i told u im stupid LOL)

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