I actually dreamt about you a few nights ago

The Girl In The Cafe

I received a couple of good e-mails the last few days which is something that always makes me happy. Most of them were related to the Girl on tour which is an ongoing logistic planning project, but if I could do it full time I would quit my job right here right now to do it.

There is a very well written review in here, so go on, jump in.

Just to give you some idea of how easy it is to completely love this project, here are some clips from mails I received throughout time:

“The Girl arrived safely today from xxxx in xxxx. And xxx wrote a very sweet card too. So glad to know the Girl is touring with such well mannered people.”

“Just a line to say I’ve just dropped her in the post to xxx in xxxx. What a marvellous film!!! ”

“Is there any way you could tell me who I’ll be sending her to next? XXX sent along a nice token of XXX to me with the DVD, and I’d like to send a little something to the next recipient as well – Just spreading a little love in return….”

“Would you be okay if I mentioned The Girl project in my upcoming research paper? It’s due early May and I would like to write it on the Millennium Goals and G8, but I’d really like to put a spin on it with the project gluing it together….”

“Of course I’ve already watched the film -as every Bill fan should do- two years ago on TV. But it was in xxx and the dubbing was appalling, so, as I couldn’t find it anywhere and I can’t fly to London , I think that’s the only way to see it in English and love it even more.”

“I’d love to see the film, but rather than rent it, I’d rather see the much travelled copy. .. How long is the list? How long do I need to stay alive to get a chance of seeing it. The anticipation will make the wait exciting!”

“I keep seeing the DVD in shops and think, no I’ll wait and buy myself a copy only after I’ve taken part in the tour!”

“Can I be added to the list to get the DVD, please? I think this is a brilliant idea. Well done!”

It’s so much fun to run this project.

There is also a new review online. I know that it doesn’t take much to have me reach for the DVD, press play and watch it for the, I don’t know, 42nd time. But Whatgreatgravity wrote a wonderful and well written review, which does not only make me want to see it again, it also makes me realize what a powerful effect this film still has on me. And not only on me, as you can read.

I never, even after reading countless reviews of it, imagined the film would impact me as it has, and it is with great pleasure that I will package The Girl into an envelope tomorrow morning and send her on her way to the next privileged person …

It’s the merest of affections that can serve as a catalyst for the greatest of things. The film presents a holistic view of love – or something quite close – what can enable us and entrust us with the confidence we need to pursue the things in life that are right and just – whatever the stakes.

I am pretty sure you want to read her whole review, so please go and read it. And a big Thank You to Jaci for writing it. Those 2 pictures in her review nearly make me cry when I see them, yes – I am a tragic romantic.

Somewhere on the web (outside this project), I don’t remember where exactly, someone wrote that she was deeply touched by this film, and that the film had given her something that she so desperately needed: Hope.

I think that Hope (in many layers) and fragile and unexpected Love are the things that make this film a never ending source of inspiration for me.

Today we passed a milestone, there are now 51 people participating. And if you all lived in the neighbourhood I would invite everybody over for a cup of tea in The Cafe this afternoon. But as this is practically impossible I will come up with some other ideas to celebrate the fact that we passed 50, I’ll get back to that at some point, it needs some proper preparation and a clear mind.

Have a look at the worldmap here, and if you want to signup, please go here. It’s free, and the rules are easy:
See the film.
Write about it.
Pass i(t) on.

18 countries. 51 people. That’s a lot of love. Actually.

Love can’t change
what’s wrong in the world
But it’s a start

4 thoughts to “I actually dreamt about you a few nights ago”

  1. The Girl will have crossed the world many times over before everyone on your list has viewed it. You deserve much credit for bringing together people from so many different places.

    I am sure we would all come to tea in a heartbeat, if we could. You are an amazing person & an inspiration too …

    We need hope … which is why I garden.

  2. Thank you Kate, that is nearly too much to take in. I don’t feel I need to do that much about The Girl, she finds her own way.

    And hope is a good thing indeed.

  3. “I am sure we would all come to tea in a heartbeat, if we could.” Absolutely true :)

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