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A door in Notting Hill

I saw Attempts on her life in the National Theatre last Thursday. After about 10 seconds in the play I realized I had seen this play before and I didn’t like it that time. I saw it in Aarhus performed by freshly graduated theatre actors. It wasn’t their fault I just have problems with modern theatre, it’s not my cup of Yorkshire tea.

I was ready to stand up and leave the theatre until it suddenly got interesting. Not the play as such but the production, as those about 12 actors turned the play into a live film making event. With several camera’s, a couple of blondes and a couple of props they made a film which was projected on the large screen above the stage. This was so amazing to watch, to see what they could do with small pocket lights, a couple of sound effects and a few items, it turned the play into a master class in film making. I am not sure this was the purpose of the play but I was intrigued and decided that I in the near future should step over my fear and go and do it. All I need is a camera and an idea for a story. I don’t lack the latter. I lack courage. And someone to do it with.

If you maybe thought that I haven’t been in the cinema because of the lack of reviews on this site, I can assure you that that is not the case. I still am a regular on the dark site but very few films I have seen recently made my heart beat faster or touched my soul. If they don’t do that I can’t write a review. The list is here.

And if you thought or even hoped that Davy has left my life – think again. He is back tomorrow.

And what’s this door doing here you might wonder? Well apart from fascinations for certain people which name I will not mention in this particular post, I also have a fascination for doors and the number 42. I always try to imagine who is living behind doors I pass. This particular one in the top is taken in Notting Hill, it was newly painted and in tip top shape with a beautiful door knocker on it. I was very tempted to try it out, say hello, step inside and drink a tea with the people living behind it. But I didn’t.

Sounds of laughter shades of life
are ringing through my open ears
exciting and inviting me
Limitless undying love which
shines around me like a million suns
It calls me on and on
across the universe

The Beatles

7 thoughts to “Theatre, Film, Davy and Doors”

  1. There is a stunningly beautiful yellow wooden door in central Brighton that faces south, which looks almost flourescent when the sun shines on it that I’ve always been curious about.

    Btw did you get my email about TGITC? I’m ready for the next person’s address now.

  2. I like the idea of knocking on an unfamiliar door and sitting down for tea … hopefully with interesting people. I have a fascination with pictures of empty chairs facing windows … and imagining what someone might see looking out.

    I’m glad the play turned out to be a good thing and will spur you on. Courage! Go for it…

  3. Hi The Girl In The Cafe…

    I just found your blog accidently. English is not my mother language, so apologize me for any mispelling grammar.

    You have a great sense of art, I could see from the way you write and post the picture.

    Thank u, your blog cheer my day up.

    Sorry for leaving the comment in your post!

    Cheers, M

  4. Spelling errors are things everybody makes, and leaving a comment on my post must be the last thing in the world to apologize for.
    Thank you for stopping by is more like it :-)

  5. @Looby – got your mail I am still waiting for people to respond. Where is everybody! :-)
    I missed that yellow wooden door in Brighton, but I have only really been there once, so I might have to go back to find it.

    @Kate I understand the empty chairs facing the window thing too. :) I would wonder who would be sitting there.

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